Hi and welcome to Padua's Online Open House!

Can you believe your daughter is almost ready for high school?! We know the speed at which things change in their lives can be disorienting. That’s why we want to make choosing her next step in education a family effort. We are not only a resource for your daughter’s questions but also a partner for you in fulfilling your promise of ensuring a bright future for her. 

On Sunday, October 18, we hosted our first-ever Online Open House. Below you will find videos you will want to watch with your daughter, highlighting our academic and athletic programs!

In 1954, a group of young women did the unthinkable. As middle school students, they approached the pastor of St. Anthony’s Parish and “asked for a high school of their own.” The Italian-American community of Wilmington rallied around them and 65 years later, Padua Academy continues to educate girls in an all-female environment designed to nurture their balance of success and compassion.

There is truly no sisterhood quite like Padua’s!
It's not too late to apply for 2020-2021!

The 2020-2021 School Year may already be upon us but we understand the challenges introduced by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please contact Kelly McAndrew, our Admission Coordinator, or by calling 302.421.3765.

At the heart of that education are our four tenets:

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  • Spirituality

    We demonstrate our Catholic faith in daily life and encourage our students to pursue spiritual growth.

    In the spirit of St. Francis de Sales, we strive "to be who we are and to be that well."
  • Scholarship

    Through a culture committed to academic excellence, we build a solid foundation that sustains a lifelong love of learning.

    Our challenging curriculum encourages the development of the whole person.
  • Service

    St. Francis of Assisi inspires us to see the good in all creation and to value every person as a gift from the Creator.

    We foster a dedication to love, serve, and care for others in our communities, both locally and globally.
  • Sisterhood

    We are dedicated to the education of young women and support each in becoming all that God created her to be.

    By learning to work together and encourage each other, our students acquire a gentle strength that transforms them into strong leaders.

Upcoming Admissions Events

Spirituality. Scholarship. Service. Sisterhood.