Padua is a community in which students can make their mark. Students are encouraged to select from over 50 clubs and activities or start their own. 

Becoming a Padua student opens a world of possibilities...
  • Serve as an officer of Student Council. 
  • Discover the world through Padua's Global Education Program. 
  • Volunteer through Padua's nationally recognized Students in Action service program. 
  • Become a Student Ambassador, team captain, or club officer.
  • Develop a news story for Padua's online newspaper Padua360 or anchor a PATV broadcast.
  • Showcase talents in the Fine Arts Gala. 
  • Take center stage in the spring musical. 
  • Cheer on peers with friends at a spirit assembly, sporting event, or fundraiser.
Padua Students from 2020-2021 created a student to student guideline on how they wish to see their school community interact.  The students constructed what is now called the "Padua Academy Cultural Norms."  These norms set the standard to how we see, treat and love one another on a daily basis.  Thank you to those students that participated in orchestrating these principles.
Spirituality. Scholarship. Service. Sisterhood.