At Padua Academy, Christ-centered leadership empowers students to be driven by awareness, toward a purpose, and for service.
Student leadership exists to promote individual growth and to serve the greater community. 

Leadership at Padua entails cultivation of awareness, purpose, and service. Awareness is crucial to leadership. As each student becomes aware of her genuine self, she is motivated to leverage her own unique leadership skills. Purpose allows each student to utilize her passions to establish deeper meaning. This passion-driven purpose challenges students to develop an outward facing, service-driven model of leadership. As educated young women, Padua students understand Christ-centered leadership as service to others.

Padua defines leadership as action. Students' actions are guided by faculty and staff dedicated to supporting the authentic, individual process of leadership development through a variety of leadership opportunities.

Leadership Programs Include:

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  • Athletic Leadership

    Padua's athletic program provides many opportunities for students to pursue leadership. Student-athletes are given the opportunity to serve as team captains, assuming a leadership position among their peers. Athletic leadership also extends to the responsibilities of team managers.
  • Blue Gold

    Padua's Blue Gold program offers students the opportunity to work with individuals with special needs. As leaders, student board members organize events and fundraisers and attend conferences.
  • Business Leadership

    Students in Padua’s Business Management and Business Leadership courses gain hands-on experience as directors and managers of the Padua Bookstore. Students learn decision-making concerning business operations, finance, production, marketing, human resources, and strategic planning. By applying what they learn in the classroom to a real-life business opportunity, students develop long-term leadership skills. The school community benefits from the creativity and energy of these young women.
  • Convergence Media Leadership

    Padua Media Group leadership includes PATV directors, Padua360 editors, and Publication Design (Yearbook) editors. Students learn the skills necessary to develop stories, use industry standard equipment and software, and manage deadlines. Additionally, student leaders are responsible for establishing the tenor of the class, overseeing multiple projects, and helping students navigate complex situations with patience, compassion, and poise.
  • National Honor Society

    Padua's National Honor Society (NHS) is a group of young women who have shown great dedication to both academics and service. As members of NHS, students must maintain high grades and complete community service. The Paduan Chapter of NHS emphasizes the importance of Spirituality, Scholarship, Service, and Sisterhood. NHS is involved in a number of service projects throughout the year, including Adopt-A-Family at Christmas, the annual blood drive, and the Broom Street Clean Up. In addition, NHS runs an annual midterm review for freshmen.
  • Peer Leadership Team

    Peer Leaders maintain an active role in the faith-life and spirituality of Padua through Campus Ministry liturgies, retreats, and special activities. Members lead class retreats as peer witnesses of the faith and model humble, Christ-like leadership in everyday interactions.
  • Ronald's Rescue

    Ronald's Rescue offers students the opportunity to serve in leadership positions that encompass Padua's pillar of service. Students in this group work to spread awareness, provide support, collect donations, and raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware. Senior Leaders and members of the Ronald's Rescue Executive Leadership Council make a meaningful impact in our community.
  • Student Ambassadors

    Student Ambassadors advance the mission of Padua by working at community events such as Open House, the High School Placement Test, the 7th Grade Practice Test, and promotional visits. Student Ambassadors serve as hostesses for 8th grade visitors and are the bridge between Padua and the larger community.
  • Student Council

    Padua's Student Council provides students with opportunities for leadership and service throughout the school year. Elected officers and representatives act as the student body government, promoting school unity and spirit. 
  • Students in Action

    Members of Padua's Students in Action (SIA) share their love of community service with their Padua sisters. SIA members coordinate volunteer opportunities with local nonprofit organizations, inviting other Padua students to join. Service and hospitality are core components of SIA peer leadership.
  • Suaviter Society

    The Suaviter Society is a leadership training program for a small group of Padua seniors. Each student in the Suaviter Society is trained with a Padua-specific leadership curriculum and given opportunities to serve as a leader both inside and outside of Padua. Through this training, students uncover the role that self awareness, purpose, and service play in the development of authentic leaders. They also learn that each young woman has the potential to be her own leader by utilizing her own unique set of skills while collaborating with others.
Spirituality. Scholarship. Service. Sisterhood.