• FlynnO'Hara is the exclusive retailer for Padua Academy uniforms.

Padua Academy Uniforms

In March 2023, Padua announced it's new uniforms after months of design meetings, product testing, deliberation & feedback; effective Fall 2023. Centered around a custom plaid in the Padua school colors, this uniform features a collection of products that are both modern and timeless. 

Uniform Guidelines

List of 4 items.

  • Freshman & Sophomore Uniforms

    The class of 2027 and all future classes must purchase the new Padua Academy uniform sold by FlynnO'Harra .  You will not be permitted to wear the legacy uniform (old uniform) or hand-me-down products to school.
  • Junior & Senior Uniforms

    Students in the class of 2026, 2025 and 2024 will be allowed to wear the uniform they purchased when entering Padua through graduation, now called the Padua legacy uniform. 

    Any products purchased new must be from the new uniform assortment. You will no longer be able to purchase the old/legacy Padua uniform from FlynnO’Hara Uniforms. 
  • Required Dress Uniform by Class

    Dress uniforms will be worn to various events including, but not limited to, White Lily Mass, Ring Mass, Student Ambassador events, award ceremonies, and field trips.

    The Class of 2027 & 2028 Dress Uniform Requirements:
    • Charcoal Knit Sweater
    • White Polo w/ Logo
    • Pleat Skirt OR Khaki Slacks
    • Black Tights/Socks
    • School Shoes
    The charcoal knit sweater with Padua logo will now be a required piece of the dress uniform for the Class of 2027 & 2028. 

    The Class of 2026, 2025, & 2024 Dress Uniform Requirements:
    • Gray Pleat Skirt
    • White Shirt
    • Black Sweater
    • Black Tights 
    • School Shoes

  • Final Note

    Although one of the best things about our uniform is its durability, please remember that students are expected to look professional at school. If some of your uniform items are on the tired side (think holes in the elbows or knees, frayed hemlines, threadbare fabric, etc.) we strongly urge you to consider purchasing some new products.

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List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Will my student be able to wear hand-me-down pieces?

    The classes of 2026, 2025, & 2024 will be able to continue to wear the legacy uniform. However they will not be available to purchase through the FlynnO’Hara webpage. 

    All incoming students, Class of 2027 & going forward, must purchase the new uniform.
  • Am I able to mix and match uniforms?

    If you are the class of 2026, 2025 or 2024 you are able to mix the legacy uniform with pieces from the new uniform line.  Items from the legacy uniform will no longer be sold at FlynnO'Hara.
  • How many pieces do I need to purchase?

    See the attached guide for number of suggested uniform pieces to purchase.  The good thing about the variety available with the new uniform is that you can purchase the items that work for your daughter.  Additionally, items will be available throughout the year.
  • Am I able to purchase other brands of khaki uniform pants?

    No.  Students will need to purchase and wear FlynnO'Hara specific items.  No other brands will be permitted.
  • Is a belt required?

    A belt is not required.  However, if a student desires to wear a belt, black is preferred.

  • What socks / tights are available?

    FlynnO'Hara offer 3 options:  black cotton flat knit knee high socks & black crew socks (year-round) and black opaque tights (winter.) Socks can also be purchased in our Padua School Store.
  • What shoes are required?

    We currently contract through The Village Cobbler for shoes (inside Murphy’s Uniforms in Branmar Plaza), 1812 Marsh Road, Wilmington, DE 19810, 302-765-3320.  

    This comfortable, well-made pair of shoes normally lasts all four years! The Village Cobbler will carefully measure and fit each student.  Uniform shoes must be ordered through our supplier. Regulation uniform shoes cost $125.00 per pair. (The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $175.00.) Shoes can be picked up at the store or shipped to your home for an additional $10.00. They accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 
  • Which gray pants are allowed and qualify as the legacy uniform?

    Families may notice that in the past few years there are different colors of gray pants that students are wearing.  The more recent, dark charcoal pants are part of the Padua legacy uniform.  The lighter gray pants are part of our previous uniform update, and not grandfathered in.

    The classes of 2026, 2025 & 2024 may continue to wear the dark charcoal gray uniform pants.  The light gray uniform pants are no longer acceptable.

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Additional questions unable to be answered from information on this page can be directed to Maria Kilmon, for current students, and Rainbow Giaquinto, for incoming students.
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