Padua Academy's Franciscan tradition calls for service to those in need. One of Padua's four core values, service, is integrated throughout the daily experiences of a Padua student.
Padua Academy's motto Suaviter Sed Fortiter, translated as "Softly but Strongly," embodies the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi who dedicated his life to the service of humanity. This philosophy of servant leadership is the core of Padua’s mission.

Through service, students learn the importance of actions as a reflection of faith. While there are opportunities for leadership within service, all students participate in a dynamic, tiered service program. This program includes a traditional understanding of service, a service retreat, and a commitment to causes about which students are passionate. Through this formal service program, as well as a variety of student groups and extra-curricular activities, students are challenged to live Christ-centered lives of leadership and service.

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  • Service Program Requirements

    Padua’s Service Program focuses on service that is rooted in relationships and that fosters support for local organizations. All students are required to complete five service events each year. The requirements involve commitment to the local community while asking students to adopt lives of service.

    For the 2023-24 school year, each student must meet the following requirements: 1.) a minimum of 10 total hours spent performing community service with 2.) a minimum of 5 approved service events. Further details regarding the types of activities which meet this requirement, the deadlines for service, and how to enter events into InnerView can be found on the Padua OnCampus resource board. Students are responsible for meeting each year’s requirements and deadlines in order to receive a diploma at graduation.

    Meeting the service commitment for each school year is a graduation requirement for all students. Students are responsible for meeting each year's requirements according to the deadlines provided at the beginning of the school year.

    For ALL Padua Students: 

    at least 10 hours in total

    at least 5 service events

    • at least 4 events must be in the community
    • 1 event may be service to Padua (such as Open House)
  • Students in Action

    Padua’s Students in Action (SIA) program seeks to cultivate servant leadership while being rooted in the core elements of Catholic Social Teaching. As a member of SIA, students serve as leaders of regular volunteer opportunities in Padua's local community. SIA members are peer leaders and ambassadors to the larger community.

    Any questions please email and a student in SIA will get back to you.

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