The department of College Advisement and School Counseling is focused on promoting the academic, spiritual, and social development of each student so that she is able to make wise and informed choices for her future.
Counselors work with all students, guiding them from the transition to high school through graduation. Discussions focus on personal issues, curriculum choices, and the college admission process. Building strong rapports, counselors meet with students throughout the school year in individual, small group, and grade level meetings.

Padua takes pride in the fact that students make wise decisions, challenge themselves academically, and grow spiritually and emotionally.

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  • Personal Counseling

    Padua encourages students to consult their counselors about such topics as relationship issues, anxiety and depression, alcohol and drug issues, death and dying, and separation and divorce. Counselors are collaborative and compassionate in navigating students through life challenges.
  • Academic Advisement

    Each year, counselors meet with students to discuss course mapping. Beginning in freshman year, families are encouraged to contribute to the dialogue regarding academic options. Counselors evaluate each student's academic standing every year so that she remains challenged but not overwhelmed. The goal is to create a balance between academic workload and extracurricular pursuits.

    Padua works with any student who has a documented learning difference. Please contact the College Advisement & School Counseling Office regarding specific questions on learning needs.
  • College Advisement

    Counselors work with each student to guide her through the college process. The College 101 program gives counselors the opportunity to meet with all juniors in small group settings to discuss important aspects of the college process such as standardized testing, college searches, college applications, and essay writing. Padua partners with local schools to offer programs such as the DAIS College Fair and the Wilmington Case Study. Parent meetings occur throughout the year to discuss the application process and financial aid.
  • Guaranteed Admission Agreements

    Due to our graduates' academic reputation and demonstrated rigor, the following colleges and universities have offered guaranteed admission agreements to our students:  

    Alvernia University
    Catholic University
    DeSales University
    Immaculata University
    King's College
    Marymount University
    Misericordia University
    Neumann University 
    Stevenson University

    These agreements feature tiered scholarship offers for Padua graduates, often in the amount equal to or surpassing Padua's annual tuition.  Additionally, some of these agreements include admission to accelerated healthcare programs (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, etc.).
  • College Matriculation

    Padua students have been accepted to large state universities such as the University of Delaware, Penn State, The Ohio State University, the University of Michigan, the University of Virginia, the University of Florida, the University of Maryland, Virginia Tech, and The University of Alabama.

    Seniors have also gained admittance to the most selective schools, including Harvard University, Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania, Emory University, Washington University in St. Louis, the University of Chicago, the University of Notre Dame, the U.S. Naval Academy, Georgetown University, Wellesley College, Rice University, and Duke University.

    Many graduates go on to attend Catholic institutions, including Boston College, Villanova University, Catholic University, DeSales University, Loyola University, Saint Joseph’s University, Immaculata University, and Neumann University.

    Members of the class of 2023 were awarded over $20 million* in college scholarships and grants and will attend 59 colleges and universities. 

    *89 students have reported receiving over $20 million in scholarships. We value and respect the privacy of the remaining 41 students who chose not to disclose their scholarship information.

College Advisement & School Counseling Staff

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  • Photo of Jennifer Buchanan

    Jennifer Buchanan 

    Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Tiffany Carrington

    Tiffany Carrington 

    School and College Counselor
  • Photo of Joel Lang

    Joel Lang 

    Director of College Advisement and School Counseling
  • Photo of Jessica Phelps

    Jessica Phelps 

    School and College Counselor
Current students and families can find more College Advisement & School Counseling information on the Padua OnCampus Resource Board.

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