Padua Academy offers a variety of clubs and organizations to encourage each student to pursue her passions beyond the classroom.
2023-2024 Activity List

80’s Culture (30) B Club
Mr. Lang and Mr. Rolph, Guidance Conference Room
Do you want your MTV?  Do you feel the need...the need for speed??  Let's go back to the future!  The 1980s was an explosive decade that continues to influence our world today.  From  movies to music to world events, the 80s have had a lasting effect on much of what we see and experience today.  Join our group to have fun watching movies, recapping world events, listening to music and discussing the impact that the 80s still has on our society.  

Academic Bowl (30) A Club
Ms. Powers and Mrs. Kirillova, Room 310
This is an activity for those who like answering questions on a variety of subjects or are fans of the TV show Jeopardy®. In this activity you will work in teams to demonstrate quick thinking as you try to “buzz in” with the correct response before your opponents. In any one match topics may include history, geography, science, religion, sports, politics, famous personalities, etc. Quick thinking, confidence, and the ability to laugh at your own mistakes are essential requirements. There will also be evening competitions scheduled in October through January against other Catholic high schools in the diocese as we compete for the Academic Bowl, with the final championship game as a highlight of Catholic Schools Week.

Agape (30) B Club
Mrs. Vintigni and Mrs. Vavala, Room 322
The Agape Club greets every student with open arms, open hearts, and open minds with the message of God’s love. God gives Agape love without condition to all. This love expresses ongoing, outgoing, self-sacrificing concern for all Padua sisters who may be experiencing adversity or need support. Agape actively fosters awareness, respect, and justice in order to nurture a supportive environment and more accepting school community, while advocating for the advancement of inclusivity in our world. All are welcome in the Love Club.

Asian Culture Club (25) B Club
Mrs. Markham, Room 324
This activity is a great way to unwind and meet people with similar interests in music, anime, and Asian art and culture. Occasionally, we also meet online to watch music videos or films from Korea, Japan and China.  We welcome recommendations and encourage all Asian students to share their culture, language and writing. Snacks will be provided but donations are highly appreciated too. We hope to see you there!  

Blue Gold (125) A Club
Mrs. Carrington and Ms. Bonvetti, Cafe
Blue Gold is an organization that raises awareness and funding for individuals with cognitive challenges. We work with DFRC, Special Olympics, and the Down Syndrome Association (DSA). We organize and co-run events throughout the year, including the Pie Auction, Christmas Party, and Bingo Night. Blue Gold will consist of ambassadors and volunteers. All volunteers must attend Blue Gold events and their corresponding meetings. If you are interested in being an ambassador or board member, you must be available for additional meetings on Zoom with DFRC and be willing to take on leadership responsibilities. Ambassadors and board members are selected based on past participation and leadership. All of those interested in volunteering with Blue Gold, including past members, must complete an application after signing up.

BSLS Board (10) B Club
Ms. Iacono and Mrs. Kowalski, Room 420
This activity is only open to seniors. Students will help moderators to plan and run events for the Big Sister / Little Sister Program. This does require an application, as it is only available to 8-10 students max.

Bring Change To Mind: BC2M
Mrs. Kowalski and Mrs. Phelps, Meetings after school on Mondays in room 320
Bring Change 2 Mind aims to end the stigma associated with mental illnesses. We will  spread the message of Bring Change 2 Mind and hold events that raise awareness and advocate for those who struggle with mental health issues or illnesses. Our purpose is to educate the Padua community on mental health issues so that we are able to foster a comfortable and safe environment for students to discuss them. This is a peer-led club that works to start the conversation that builds awareness, understanding, and empathy in the community. Open to all grades.

Cause for the Paws (25) B Club

Mrs. Campbell, Room 408
We aim to spread awareness, educate people, and donate our time/money to the goal of eliminating animal cruelty and suffering. We do this by organizing and hosting a variety of different events that help bring people’s attention to this cause.

Coding Club (18) B Club
Mrs. Schneider, Room 12
Padua's Coding Club is for getting together with classmates interested in computer programming and app design.  NO CODING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!  We will try some fun coding activities where you can get creative and we hope to participate in at least one coding contest this year.  A guest speaker or two is also in the works!

**NEW** Crafting with Cronin (20) A and B Club
Mrs. Cronin, Room 424
Do you love to create beautiful things? Come to Crafting with Cronin and explore all types of crafts with paper and recycled materials. Some materials will be provided, but start saving your photos, newspapers, old books and magazines. We will explore all different types of crafts and spend our time making cool stuff!

Dissection Club (25) B Club
Mr. Lawler and Mr. Schimpf, Room 402/404
Students with an interest in anatomy & physiology are invited to join this club. Here we will get the unique opportunity to dive deeper into learning about animals and eventually dissect a few specimens. The aim of this club is to spread awareness of the necessity of biodiversity in our world and to obtain a greater appreciation for the ecological roles each species carries. This club is student funded and will require active participation. 

**NEW** DIY: Merchandise (25) B Club
Mrs. Sperratore-Colagreco, Room 412
Do you want to be able to make your own merchandise?! This activity will help you achieve that goal!  DIY: Merchandise will dive into creating etched glassware, designed logos for clothing, wall decor and much more.  Students will learn how to use Cricut software to design and cut decals.  This activity has a fee of $20 per semester for materials. No experience needed! We will learn together! 

Environmental Conservation Club ECC (25)  A Club
Mr. Lawler, Room 406 
This activity is for those who enjoy the environment.  This club is a way to give back as a steward of the environment. Club members will develop projects that make our school a healthier, “greener” environment. Our group will also work to improve the environment within the local community.

Fashion Design (15) B Club
Mrs. Mrozek, Room 414
In this activity we will learn to draw fashion illustrations and create a line of fashions inspired by your personal aesthetic.  Students will have the option to use the sewing machine.  Space is limited to 10 participants due to studio size. There is a $15 materials fee due at first session.  We will also watch various movie clips of designers, fashion shows, costumes, etc. No experience is needed, just an interest in fashion! There will also be the opportunity to display your work at the end of the year Art / Fashion show. 

French Club (25) B Club
Mrs. Burris, Room 226
A fun way to engage with other students who like French - games, snacks, cooking lessons - what more can you ask for? You don't even need to be a French student - all are welcome!

Genealogy (12) A Club
Dr. Hall and Mrs. Schneider, Room 318
We uncover family history! We use historical documents, databases, and first-person interviews to uncover our personal stories! 

Girls United (20) B Club
Mrs. Kowalski, Learning Commons
Girls United is a club that will raise awareness for women in leadership positions as well as those in underserved communities. We will assess needs at local women's shelters and work on providing support.

**NEW** Guided Meditation (A) Club
Mrs. Duppel, Room 304
This activity will be a time for prayer and personal meditation.  You will be led through a meditation that will help you relax and encourage you to reflect on what you need to lift in prayer.  You must be able to take this prayer seriously and remain quiet and still for the duration of the meditation (30-40 minutes). 

Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) (30)  A Club
Mrs. Kowalski, Room 106
An organization for anyone interested in the heath field. The purpose of HOSA is to develop leadership and HOSA skill competencies through a program of motivation, awareness and recognition. We will hear from guest speakers in the health field, as well as participate in competitions. There is a possible trip to the national conference in June. All members will need to pay a $10 membership fee for national dues. 

Hey, what color are your nails?! (22) A and B Club
Mrs. Townsend, Room 422
Do you like to paint your nails or your friends’ nails?  Would you like to practice nail art or try some nail stickers?  Join the nail polish club!  This club will provide a great time to relax, talk with your friends, and leave with a fresh manicure!  Club members will need to bring their own supplies to each meeting.

Hungry Pandas (25) B Club
Mrs. O’Connell, Room 222
Do you like to cook? Do you enjoy baking? Or, are you a foodie who simply appreciates delicious food? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, consider joining Padua’s Culinary Club – “Hungry Pandas”. This group of gourmandes will gather to explore cuisines from various cultures, learn dining etiquette and practice cake-decorating skills. Bring your appetite to the “Hungry Pandas” meetings. Application required-see moderator.  This activity has a fee of $5.

It’s Always Christmas in 302 (20) B Club
Mrs. Holladay, Room 302
Do you love Christmas? Are you counting the days until Santa arrives? Join us in 302 for all things Christmas. We will watch Christmas movie favorites, share Christmas cookie recipes (and cookies), and even learn how to wrap fancy gifts!

**NEW** Italian Club (20) A Club
Ms. Iacono, Room 420
In the Italian club, we will explore Italian culture. We will learn about food, music, language, and traditions. All students are welcome!

**NEW** Learn to Play Chess (20) A and B Club 
Mr. Cross, Room 320
I don’t know how to play chess! Perhaps you do and are willing to teach me and your fellow classmates. Whether you consider yourself a chess master, or are someone who always wanted to learn, join us as we break out the checkered boards (and snacks) and learn the rules and best strategies of the game, all in a relaxed and fun environment.

Let's Do Lunch! (25) B Club 
Mr. Helie/Mrs. Manzi, Cafe
Let's Do Lunch is a service club aimed at serving the poor within our local community. Members meet during the activity period to assemble bagged lunches which will be donated to Emmanuel Dining Room in Wilmington, DE. Members will be asked to donate lunch supplies as needed (i.e. bread/rolls, lunch meat, PB&J, sandwich bags, individual chip bags etc.)

Math League (25) AFTER SCHOOL
Mr. Helie
Do you like math and have an interest in competing with students from other schools? Math League participates in several competitions throughout the year. Competitions are held locally or virtually and typically take place after school. We have two freshman teams and three 10th-12th grade teams. Preference for 10th-12th graders will be given to those who have participated in previous years.

Mock Trial (30) AFTER SCHOOL
Ms. Grugan/Mrs. Markham
Are you interested in learning more about the judicial system? Do you enjoy public speaking and/or acting? If so, consider joining Mock Trial. In this activity, students play the roles of attorneys and witnesses as part of a statewide competition held in February. Students develop opening and closing statements as well as direct and cross examinations, and members of the Delaware Judiciary and Bar serve as judges and jurors. This activity requires commitment but offers the opportunity to enhance logical thinking and public speaking skills. 

Music Ministry AFTER SCHOOL
Dr. Bozanic and Mrs. Alinda
Padua's Music Ministry is responsible for leading the community in song at the school liturgies and prayer services each month. It is a great opportunity to have fun together, choose the music for Mass, and work on new arrangements. If you like to sing, we'd love to have you join us. Students who play instruments (piano, guitar, etc) are also invited to consider adding your talents and gifts to make our worship even better. To prepare for services, practices will be held outside of school hours (not during the Activity Period), usually before school from 7:45am-8:05am and after school from 2:45-3:30pm at least 3 to 4 times per month. Please email Dr. Bozanic or Mrs. Alinda if you have any questions.

Musical Pandas (25) B Club 
Dr. Bozanic, Roberto Hall
Do you love music? Do you sing or play an instrument or are interested in learning? Does the word "karaoke" bring you joy? If so, please consider joining Dr. Bozanic and your fellow sisters for Musical Pandas. This activity is designed to be a relaxed, jam session-like environment for Padua students to share their musical talents with one another. The group will play through a variety of songs, share performance tips, and even offer beginner lessons in voice and guitar (and other instruments depending on the members). Members will be invited to bring in/suggest songs for the group to play and/or sing along with the lyrics. The selections will draw from a variety of genres so whether you like folk, country, rock, Christian, jazz, or anything in between, all are welcome to join. In the past we've had sessions devoted to Disney tunes, Christmas songs, Irish music (for St. Patrick's Day), and musical theatre. No musical skills are required and there is no after school commitment or performance expectation, just an appreciation for the power of song. Practice your musical skills, develop new ones, work with your sisters, and, above all, have fun filling the Big Box of Love with beautiful melodies.

**NEW** Oceanography (25) A Club
Mrs. Sperratore-Colagreco, Room 412
Oceanography is a club covering topics in the study of the marine environment.  The goal of the club is for students to discuss how the ocean has a key role on our planet. We will also discuss marine life, natural disasters, and storm formation! If you were always drawn to the sea like Moana, the ocean has chosen you!

**NEW** Padua TSA (Technology Student Association) (25) A Club
Mr. Equels, Room 12
Padua's TSA Chapter seeks students with a variety of interests including technology, art, debate, fashion, media, etc. to participate in an annual competition. Participants can compete in different ways from prepared portfolios to on-site test-taking which all relate in some way to technology. With 40 categories of competition, whether you like public speaking or robot tweaking you can find your place at TSA.

PANDAmonium (30) B Club
Ms. Bonvetti and Mrs. G., GYM
Panda Spirit Group. Athletes and Non-Athletes can sign up for the group to help with athletic events, managers, set up spirit groups for game attendance, run Athletic Twitter, etc

Pilates (20) A Club
Mrs. Kiefer, GYM
During each meeting, we will do a series of exercises to strengthen your body and relax your mind, giving you the confidence you need to take on the rest of your day! This activity welcomes students of all athletic abilities and skill levels. The only required materials will be a fitness mat or towel and a water bottle.

Poetry Club (15) A Club
Mrs. Mrozek, Room 414
Read it, write it, recite it. Whether you are a poet or just appreciate poetry, this club is for you. We will read and share poetry with one another; we will do poetry workshops and then have open mic time for sharing; we will work together in small groups to prepare for national competitions (totally voluntary, not required). You can do all of these or just one. This club is what WE all make of it. By joining, you will not only enjoy what we have planned, but also YOU will be co-creating the club by sharing your ideas. Join us to explore people and prose. We can't wait to celebrate with all the Padua poets, new and old.

Puzzle Time (25) B Club
Dr. Smith, Room 106
100, 500, 750, 1000! Let's do a puzzle!

Sewing and Embroidery (20) B Club
Mrs. Kirillova, Room 426
For those who enjoy handicrafts and want to try something new: sewing and embroidery is for you! Develop your skills and enjoy a stress-relieving hobby. We'll learn simple things like sewing buttons and fixing hems, then move onto hand embroidering beautiful decorative designs, and much more! Once you learn the basics of sewing and embroidery, the world of fashion design opens up to you. This club is suitable for both beginners and those with experience. There is a $10 fee for supplies and materials.

STEM Club (20) B Club
Mrs. Kowalski, Learning Commons
The mission of this club is to bring light to and expose the stem fields to students at Padua. This is a field that is mostly men, and by bringing a club about it to an all girls school, we could bring some change to that statistic. Perry participants could come and speak about their experience. Additionally, each meeting will focus on different elements of STEM and have activities relating to them. This club will be deeply involved with engineering week as well.

Student Council A Club
Mrs. Schneider and Ms. Horton, Room 104
All members of Student Council are required to sign up for this activity.  If you are a Freshman Homeroom Rep or a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior class officer, this is the time we will gather together to plan all our school events including Spirit Week, Winter Ball, and the Father/Daughter Event.  As an elected member of Student Council your participation is valuable.  This is a mandatory activity for you.

The Alliance (50) A Club, Learning Commons
  • Black Student Union (Ms. Closson and Mrs. Phelps)
  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Awareness-“IDEA” (Mr. Mahler)
  • La Mezcla (Mrs. Vintigni)
The Alliance is a group of students who celebrate the diversity of the Padua sisterhood through sharing experiences and supporting one another.  Those of you who were previously members of BSU, IDEA, or La Mezcla, this is our new home.  Recognizing that many people have more than one racial/ethnic heritage, we are joining together as allies for, and sisters to, one another.  The Alliance is a place where we join together to discuss race and culture and bring awareness to the complexities of race and ethnicity.  We work together to highlight the unique experiences and identities of Padua’s students of color.  As one student said, “We are not all the same and that is beautiful.” If you are looking for a safe space to share your experiences and your voice as a student of color, the Alliance is a place where you can do so.

The Book Sisters (20) A Club
Ms. Walker and Dr. Smith, 426
Students who join The Book Sisters will have the opportunity to read quietly while enjoying coffee and baked treats. Meetings will be spent sharing current “reads”, working on programming to encourage choice reading at Padua, and eventually reading a selected novel together. If you enjoy reading or would like quiet time to read for fun, this is the space for you!

The Leukemia Lymphoma Society Club (20) B Club
Ms. Ivkovitch, Room 406
The primary focus of this club will be working on organization and leadership skills for the Student of the Year campaigns going on outside of Padua. Our main goal is to give students the opportunity to get involved in philanthropy and immerse themselves in the cancer research community. We will connect with students running for Student of the Year through LLS from Padua to connect and brainstorm with each other and get advice when needed. 

**NEW** The Stroll Sisters (20) B Club 
Mrs. Higley and Ms. Walker, Cafe
Step into clarity, away from study sessions and screen time. Connect with nature and breathe in the fresh air as you take a leisurely stroll down to the reservoir. Bond with your fellow students while engaging in meaningful conversation over a new topic each time we meet. No preparation. No test. No stress. Sign up today and come take a stroll with the Padua Academy Stroll Sisters.

**NEW** Travel Fun with Padua's Patrons (20) A Club
Mr. Stopyra, Room 102
This activity is required for students who are going on the France-Italy trip in June 2024. This activity will prepare you for the trip so you can get the most out of it. We will hear the stories of Padua's patron saints, and learn about the history, art, architecture, and food of the locations that we will visit in Annecy, Padua, Turin, Assisi and Rome. Practical information concerning the trip will be covered, too, so you will be ready to enjoy your travel experience.

Yarn 'n String (25) A Club
Mrs. Campbell, Room 408
Enjoy some time developing the relaxing skill of knitting, crocheting and friendship bracelet making. No matter what your skill level, you are welcome to join! All club members will need to bring their own supplies. We will have different activities, service opportunities and free time for crafting.

**NEW** Yearbook Assistants (15) B Club
Ms. Horton, Room 104
Ever wondered what goes on in Yearbook? Join this activity to find out! As a Yearbook Assistant, it will be your job to take photos that will be featured in the 2023-2024 Padua Yearbook inside and outside of school. You'll get first input on spread ideas, can contribute your ideas towards future themes and most importantly, help identify your friends and classmates! As a Yearbook Assistant you will get early access to the finished yearbook before the rest of the Padua student body! The Yearbook Team looks forward to your participation in making the 23-24 Padua Yearbook the best one ever!

Young Playwrights & Theatre Artists (20) A Club
Mrs. Markham and Mr. Schimpf, Room 324
Create live theatre together! Learn and practice the crafts of the theatre. Whether your interest is in playwriting, acting, directing, or designing, this is a place to cultivate your passion together. Actors need scripts, writers need performers, and all the world's a stage! Interested students may submit their work for the Young Playwrights Festival. Great portfolio or History Day possibilities....

**NEW** Zoology (20) A Club
Ms. Ivkovitch, Room 404
In this club students will be able to foster or continue to foster a love for the animal kingdom.  Students will learn about different animals and jobs related to animals and their care.  This club is a great opportunity for students who want to possibly work with animals and not sure what possible career or path they want to take to learn all about this field.
Spirituality. Scholarship. Service. Sisterhood.