Religious Studies

The Religious Studies program provides a course of studies that is authentic, challenging, comprehensive, and contemporary. It does so in an atmosphere that promotes a faith that is living, conscious, and active – a dynamic presence in the world.

The Religious Studies department remains committed to fostering the development of confident, educated leaders who possess a Catholic Christian vision of reality and are capable of fulfilling their unique, God-given mission to the Kingdom of God. As education is integral to the mission of the Church to proclaim the Good News, students are required to take religion all four years at Padua Academy.

The curriculum follows the U.S. Bishops guidelines for high school catechesis with an emphasis on spiritual and intellectual formation, enabling students to learn and apply the tenets of the Catholic faith.

Our Religious Studies program presents opportunities to foster maturing and deepening faith through instruction and reflection; encourages students to develop a relationship with God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through personal prayer and active participation in the life of the church; guides students to critically examine the Catholic Christian vision of reality in light of primary Church documents, experience, and faith knowledge; and invites students to respond to Jesus’ call of service modeled in the styles of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Francis de Sales in pursuit of justice and compassion.

Spirituality. Scholarship. Service. Sisterhood.