Celebrating 70 Years of Padua!

Throughout 2024, our community is celebrating seventy years of Padua Academy!  As we mark this milestone for our school, we are looking forward to involving our students, families and alumnae in the celebration.  During Catholic Schools Week, we began the celebration for our students with an assembly reflecting on Padua’s history and opening the 1989 time capsule.

As we reflected on the history of Padua, some of our current student council members created a timeline of a few major moments.  We know there are so many more, and we’ll get to celebrate them as we focus on each decade monthly throughout the year.  

Three generations of Padua alumnae graciously helped with the opening of the time capsule: 
  • Christin Russo Taggart, a member of the Class of 1989 and student council member when the time capsule was “buried”
  • Clorinda Cicarrelli Russo, a member of the Class of 1961 and Christin’s mom
  • Grace Taggart, a member of the Class of 2018, and Claire Taggart, a member of the Class of 2022 – Christin’s daughters
Together, they unveiled uniforms, spirit items, and many documents from Padua’s community in 1989.  We will place these items in the Learning Commons for students to investigate more fully, before moving them to a longer-term display within the building for the remainder of our 70th year.  Some highlights included one of Brother Mike’s aprons, a picture of Bridget (the dog) wearing a graduation cap, and a uniform skirt and blazer.  Current students were quite enthusiastic about the idea of the blazer making a comeback!

As we move forward through this year, we plan to celebrate Padua’s history and alumnae monthly (which you can see below).  We are also looking forward to a Welcome Back Weekend in September to connect our current students and alumnae community.  An outline of the currently scheduled events can be found here, and will be updated as additional events are included.  

We are so grateful for ALL the people who played a part in bringing Padua to our 70th year, and can’t wait to see what is to come!

If you are an alumna looking for more information about our alumnae-facing events, check out our 70th Anniversary page!
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