Padua Students in Action Has Saved You a Seat at Our Lenten Table - Week 2

Lent is the perfect time to reflect on how we are called into solidarity in the journey of others. This year, our Students in Action (SIA) have taken on the awesome pursuit of educating our community on how we can minister through prayer, good works and monetary sacrifice. One of their initiatives is sharing easy and inexpensive, meatless recipes. Week Two's theme is "Food, Farming and Hunger." Join senior Meredith Kuchma as she shows you how to make frijoles volteados from Guatemala!

Meredith made the frijoles volteados recipe as a part of SIA's "Food, Farming, and Hunger Week" for Lent. It is a typical Guatemalan recipe, with voltear meaning to "flip or toss" in Spanish and referring to how you can toss beans and veggies together quickly and simply.

Recently in Guatemala, especially due to the pandemic, food has become scarce for those in poverty. Many children previously accessed their only meal of the day through school food distribution programs, and school closings have caused them to lack access to critical nutrition. Additionally, in the “dry corridor” of Guatemala, a part of land subject to droughts due to extreme climate change, farmers can lose 75% of their harvest and not be able to feed themselves and others. Download this PDF to learn more!

To make frijoles volteados, Meredith sautéed the onion, garlic, and beans, and served it in a tortilla. And it turned out delicious. It was super quick and easy to make and only cost about $6 to make 4 servings. Attached are some photos of the final result & process!

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Rice Bowl has collected and published dozens meatless recipes from around the world to promote global solidarity. This week we stand in solidarity with those affected by hunger due to poverty and the Pandemic. This frijoles volteados is from Guatemala, one of the many countries in Central America suffering additional food security issues due to the Pandemic.

You can access the recipe, and many others, on the CRS Rice Bowl website. If you choose to make one of the recipes, consider donating to CRS the money saved by not purchasing meat, to help CRS in their global disaster relief efforts and other relief programs.
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