Delaware Bridge Design Competition

Padua Academy made its debut at the 2024 Delaware Bridge Design Competition recently! Our talented sophomores, Emily Glowacki, Juliana Mongiovi, Kasey Nwokobia, and Elena Sangemino (aka Team Sparklers), took on the challenge of crafting an arched truss bridge. And boy, did they shine! Their sparkling pink creation turned heads and captured hearts, winning the title of Most Aesthetically Pleasing Bridge.
Using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), they meticulously designed their plans before bringing them to life with a balsa wood model. With grace and confidence, Team Sparklers presented their masterpiece to judges, fielding questions and putting their creation to the test.
Beyond the competition, our students immersed themselves in the world of engineering, exploring exhibits and even getting a firsthand look at the Christina River Bridge. This hands-on experience is more than just a competition; it's a gateway to real-world problem-solving and a spark for future careers in transportation and civil engineering. Be sure to check out our Facebook & Instagram account for more pictures.
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