Sweet Entrepreneurship: Guest Speaker Daneya Jacobs

Daneya Jacobs, co-owner of Candy Connections, recently shared her entrepreneurial journey with the Padua Alliance during Black History Month. From a young age, Jacobs displayed a passion for business. Her creativity and desire to make things and sell things fueled her.

After studying fashion in college and her involvement in Public Allies Delaware, Jacobs wanted to make a difference, and create a business that had a social cause to it. Wanting to serve the community, and do more than satisfy a sweet tooth, Daneya looked to support women and youth and introduce them to social entrepreneurship.

Daneya co-founded Candy Connections store in Middletown, DE in 2014 with her husband, Anthony. Recognizing the power of community connections, she pivoted to offering items that could be transported easily. That is where their cotton candy took off and Candy Connections is the first cotton candy franchise in the US.

Over the past decade, Jacobs has built Candy Connections into an omni-channel company, serving online, in-person, and catering for events. Her commitment to fostering future entrepreneurs is evident through programs like the Future Founders Program, which student Naima Ellis-Daniels '25 worked in the summer of 2022. Daneya emphasized to students the significance of adaptability when running a business and that no task is too big or small for you to take initiative.

Daneya's family was recently featured on the Today Show with Hoda & Jenna, where designer and entrepreneur Kendra Scott shared expert business advice to run a small business with them and served as their mentor.

Jacobs' visit to the Alliance left a sweet impression, showcasing her enthusiasm and delicious creations. As we celebrate Black History Month, let us be inspired by Jacobs' dedication to entrepreneurship and community empowerment.

Be sure to check out the Candy Connections website.  We sampled the lemonade (one of their best sellers), strawberry, and cherry.  They all were delicious! And also visit our Facebook & Instagram account for more pictures.

The Alliance is made up of the Black Student Union, the "IDEA" Club (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Awareness), and La Mezcla. 
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