Mean Girls: The High School Version

Padua Musical Theatre delivered an unforgettable series of performances with Mean Girls: The High School Version over the past weekend. The excitement kicked off on Friday with a record-breaking attendance of 425, leading to a sold-out show that set the stage for an exhilarating run. Even on Saturday, with just 30 tickets shy of another sell-out, the enthusiasm remained palpable as we welcomed an average of 381 attendees each night, resulting in a remarkable total of 1144 tickets sold - the highest ever for a Padua musical. While this production secured the title of the second-highest grossing in Padua's history, it's worth noting that this achievement was accomplished despite offering reduced rates for students and children. Adding to the significance of the occasion was the inaugural senior recognition night on Saturday, a heartfelt nod to the graduating members of the cast and crew whose dedication and talent have been integral to our success.
Through the 3 performances, the fearless cast and crew brought to life the struggles and successes of the characters as they worked to convey that we are all rare and unique individuals, ones who look out for their friends and light each other’s way. To emphasize that in a world full of division, we must work together to form connections. And to be true to one's own self, as in the words of our patron St. Francis de Sales, "Be who you are and be that well."
The applause and rave reviews that followed each performance was a testament to the months of preparation and commitment from all involved. From the initial auditions in early November to the rehearsals following Thanksgiving, every moment contributed to the polished and professional execution witnessed on stage. Such a feat would not have been possible without the collective effort and support of the cast, crew, faculty, staff, musicians, parent volunteers, and friends within the theater community - all of whom played roles in bringing this production to life. A special thank you also to the show's directors, Dr. Andy Bozanic & Ms. Deirdre McCarrick, choreographers Tania Potts & Tori Closson, production manager Vanessa Vavala, and tech director Chris Schimpf!
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Student Producers Sarah Voigt '25 & Sydney DeMedio '24 announced in October that the Padua Musical this school year would be Mean Girls, High School Version. Adapted from Tina Fey's hit 2004 film, Mean Girls was nominated for a staggering 12 Tony Awards. This queen-bee took Broadway by storm and has joined the musical in-crowd.
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