Our Donors Are Amazing!

Update on Padua Gives Day 2023:
What an amazing community!  Padua's supporters came together to surpass the 200 donors to the Annual Fund this fall that were needed to unlock a Challenge Gift.  Over 250 donors later, our community stands in support of Padua's mission and our students.  Donors to the Annual Fund this fall represent fifty-six of Padua's sixty-six graduating classes, an increased percentage of current families, dozens of staff members, and so many others who choose to invest in the Padua community.
Thank you so much to all who made Padua Gives Day 2023 a success!  If you want to support Padua with a donation, it's not too late.  You can call our Advancement Office if you want to discuss a special designation, or use the giving form below.

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Article Posted on 11/9/23:
On November 14, your choice can make our Padua Gives Day a success!  Every donation supports experiential learning, athletics, student activities and instructional excellence at Padua Academy.  Not only that, but your support will help unlock additional funds!  When 200 donors support our Annual Fund through this campaign, you unlock a challenge gift of $4800 from members of Padua’s Board of Trustees.

What will your gift support?  It supports the full experience of Padua’s students.  Sarah, a member of the Class of 2025 and one of the student producers for this year’s Musical, explained the impact of the Musical Theatre program:

“The directors, choreographers, student producers, cast, and crew all genuinely want to see each other succeed in not only theater, but life in general. Each year, the cast and crew of our musicals become a second family to each other, and this close-knit community has given me a sense of true confidence. With all this in mind, Padua’s Musical Theater program is something I truly never lose my excitement and enthusiasm for, and I believe deserves support from our school and local community.”

Your gift helps make this year’s Musical a reality.  It also supports the experiences that allow students to build community.  Madison, a member of the Class of 2025 and peer leader at the sophomore retreat shared:

“Padua's class retreats make our school better because they show the true meaning of sisterhood. Sisterhood is girls that may not be related by blood, but they treat you like you are. That doesn’t mean everyone is going to be best friends, but acknowledging that you can support and uplift your fellow classmates to make you and them better people. Throughout that day we did activities where we could cheer on our classmates and show them a sense of support.  That is sisterhood.”

Your gift to this year’s Padua Gives campaign does so much: it supports the practical elements of the student experience, gets us closer to unlocking additional funds, and carries forward the Padua sisterhood.
Spirituality. Scholarship. Service. Sisterhood.