Coding Club Computer Science Speakers

On February 2nd, three Padua graduates came to talk to the Coding Club about their experiences studying Computer Science in college and the different jobs that have been available to them: Megan Cunningham '10, Camryn Kelly '19, Sarah Jane Mee '19.

Cam started studying Computer Science and then changed her major to concentrate more on the Human / Computer Interface which involves designing the front-end of apps so they are more user friendly and intuitive. She is combining Computer Science, Psychology and Art to develop apps that people find easy to use.
Sarah Jane left Padua already CCNA certified and is working on finishing her Computer Science degree. She enjoys hardcore coding and back-end development. She was already recruited by an employer so has a job lined up for after graduation.
Megan is currently at JP Morgan Chase working as a trainer for new Software Engineers just joining the company. She has also worked as a software developer at the same company and is currently pursuing her Masters degree.
All three women talked about how they had to make adjustments coming from an all female high school into a college major that was 80% or more male. They stressed that the students should have confidence and look for sisterhood. They felt Padua gave them the advantage of going into college with more technology experience than their peers. They also recommended connecting with other women to form a sisterhood where they can support one another throughout college and into professional roles.
We were thrilled they took time out of their busy schedules to come talk to us! 
Spirituality. Scholarship. Service. Sisterhood.