State Championship Isn't Only Record Broken for Padua Track & Field

The Panda Party continues on Broom Street this week as we celebrate the amazing accomplishments of our Padua Track & Field Program. This weekend, we won our 10th straight team title, the last eight in Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association Division I, and 20th overall dating to 1983. But the Pandas’ 211½ points were the most in meet history, boys or girls, regardless of division, and first 200 points or higher!!!
You can find all the details below, but simply put...EXTRAORDINARY!

While we are still waiting on photos to come in we want to send a shout-out to Mrs. Flanagan for sharing the beautiful ones she volunteered below. We know that not all events are represented, so dear Track & Field families, if you have photos you would like to have added to this album, please email them to us at! Let's crowdsource our congrats!

Friday Results:

Pole Vault:
1st place: Elce Walsh 11-0
6th place: Brynn Morrone 8-0

Long Jump:
1st place: Jules Balon 18-2.50
5th place: Mekiyah Earnest 16-5.75

9th place: Lexi Frick 89-2
10th place: Mekiyah Earnest 86-1

4x800 meter relay:
1st place: Clare Merchant, Julia Querey, Sophia Holgado, Molly Flanagan 9:40.27

3200 meter run:
1st place: Katie Dorsey 11:34.78
2nd place: Kylie McCarthy 11:45.79
4th place: Geneva Laur 12:03.41

Saturday’s Events:

Shot Put:
2nd place: Lexi Frick 34-2.5
5th place: Maggie Morris 31-6.75
9th place: Mekiyah Earnest 30-1.75

Triple Jump:
1st place: Sophia Curtis 38-4
2nd place: Mekiyah Earnest 37-1
11th place: Cassidy Becker 31-9.25

High Jump:
6th place: Cassidy Becker 4-10
13th place: Libby Neiburg 4-8
18th place: Summer Solum 4-4

1600 meter run:
1st place: Katie Dorsey 5:02.49
4th place: Kylie McCarthy 5:25.98
5th place: Kelsey Wolff 5:26.58

100 meter hurdles:
1st place: Sophia Curtis 15.02
7th place: Cassidy Becker 16.90
10th place: Helena Howard 17.91

100 meter dash:
1st place: Jules Balon 12.12
6th place: Jane Mazzeo 12.90

4x200 meter relay:
2nd place: Molly Flanagan, Jane Mazzeo, Julia Querey, Sophia Curtis 1:44.08

4x100 meter relay:
6th place: Elce Walsh, Jane Mazzeo, Julia Querey, Natalie McGrellis 51.17

400 meters:
1st place: Jules Balon 57.84
4th place: Emily Haney 1:00.41

300 hurdles:
1st place: Sophia Curtis 44.57
9th place: Cassidy Becker 50.94
10th place: Helena Howard 52.24

800 meters:
2nd place: Elena Bocchetti 2:19.72
3rd place: Katie Dorsey 2:20.09
4th place: Molly Flanagan 2:21.71

200 meters:
1st place: Jules Balon 25.33
11th place: Jane Mazzeo 27.62

4x400 meter relay:
1st place: Sophia Holgado, Katie Dorsey, Emily Haney, Molly Flanagan 4:03.1
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