Senior Emily Malone Reaching New Heights

On Tuesday, April 5, students, faculty and staff, and members of Senior Emily Malone's family gathered in the Learning Commons to celebrate Emily's appointment to the United States Air Force Academy. The application process started in February of 2021 and while it's been a long road, Emily has navigated it with exact precision and her hard work has been rewarded. 

For those who are unfamiliar with this process, this is no ordinary college acceptance.  To earn an appointment to the Academy, a student must be “triple qualified” – meaning, they must:
  • Earn a nomination from their state’s senator, a member of the United States Congress, or the Vice-President of the United States.  To earn this nomination, the student must submit an application to each person’s office, write essays and interview with each individual office.
  • Applicants must pass the Candidate Fitness Assessment and meet the qualifications of the Department of Defense Medical Exam Review Board.
  • They must also be accepted to the school itself.
Every one of these three qualifications must be met in order to earn an official Appointment. Being accepted to the school was the result of Emily’s outstanding schoolwork and commitment to her education, including recently being named a Valedictorian for this year’s senior class for having earned the highest quality point average over her four years at Padua.  She passed her Candidate Fitness Assessment, which includes a timed mile run, a basketball throw for distance, pull-ups, a shuttle run, timed pushups and sit-ups.   

While Emily’s appointment to the United States Air Force Academy is nothing short of remarkable in and of itself, Emily earned 8 out of the possible 9 nominations from the state of Delaware, applying for nominations from Senators Carper and Coons as well as US Congresswoman Lisa Blunt-Rochester for 3 separate service Academies – the Air Force Academy, the Naval Academy, and the United States Military Academy at West Point.  She earned 3 nominations from Congresswoman Blunt-Rochester.  She earned 2 nominations from Senator Coons.  She earned 3 nominations from Senator Carper, including her official USAFA nomination.

Most students hope for just one nomination to one academy.  Emily earned multiple nominations to each of the three academies mentioned. In addition, just a few days ago, Emily was notified that she was awarded a four-year, Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship or ROTC scholarship that would cover the full cost of attendance at a public university of her choice. 

And while Emily’s success has been simply remarkable, it has been well earned. Mr. Lang and Mrs. Vintigni both shared remarks on this wonderful Panda and her time at Padua. Then Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Granger of the United States Air Force, Admissions Liaison Officer for the United States Air Force Academy, was on-hand to present Emily with her official appointment certificate.
Congratulations Emily, on the honor you have bestowed upon yourself, your family and our school!  We are so #PaduaPROUD of you! Now it's time to reach new heights in Colorado!
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