Legal Shadowing Welcomes President Judge Jan R. Jurden

Padua Academy had the honor of hosting President Judge Jan R. Jurden of Delaware's Superior Court last week. President Judge Jurden is the eighth presenter in Padua's Legal Shadowing speaker series. She related her professional journey, including her experience in the military, her decision to apply to law school, as well as her commitment to public service. "Aside from being a teacher," she said, " being a lawyer is the coolest profession. And being a judge is cooler. Everyday you get to be part of the justice system and do justice."

President Judge Jurden emphasized her adherence to "procedural fairness." In rendering a decision in court, she offers to all "a thorough explanation" of her verdicts. "You listen," she said, "you convey impartiality, explain what is going to happen and why. You employ these methods as part of our great respect for the rule of law." 

Advising Padua's future lawyers and judges, President Judge Jurden stressed the value of serious study and extensive experience in dealing with cases. "The judge does not know what the witness is going to say. Especially, when the objections start flying, you don't have the luxury to research the objections. You have to call them as you see them."

Legal Shadowing is offered as a half-credit course instructed by Susan Poppiti, Esquire, and the Honorable Vincent J. Poppiti. All students are invited to attend the Legal Shadowing speaker sessions presented during Flex.
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