From the Head of School - March 4, 2019

Dear Parents & Friends, 
Sometimes I am very jealous of my husband, Don! Yes, you read it right, jealous! He has the talent of just closing his eyes and in a brief second, he is sound asleep. Flying on an airplane in turbulence, in a crowded train with babies crying, or at the beach with blowing sand sticking all over him, he's out for the count. Not so with me!

Have you ever been unable to sleep at night because you are still hearing all of the voices of the day? You might hear the voices of all your colleagues in the meeting earlier in the day, or the "fans" yelling at your daughter's sports game at night, or media blaring the news of the world seemingly all of the time. Isn't it also funny that these thoughts become so amplified at night? All of these voices talking at once, telling you what is wrong, what needs to be changed, and what outcomes have to be considered in the hundreds of decisions you make each day. Your heart and mind are hearing so many blurred thoughts and messages that you cannot hear the one that really matters, the one voice that makes all of the difference - God's voice.
We can get so many tangled thoughts and voices that it is hard for us to single out the sound of Father God. I used to keep a notebook by my bed so I could write all of my ideas and thoughts down. It was my assumption that I could then let them go once I wrote them down and thus be able to fall asleep. That did not work because I would get so involved in the ideas that I would write for hours.
Recently, a friend sent me a wonderful plaque. It simply says, "God is bigger." Let that sink into your heart - God is bigger! I started to pray as I closed my eyes at night and took deep breaths. God is bigger than my worries about the school's transition. God is bigger than any fear I have about retirement. God is bigger than any health problems that Don and I might face. God is bigger than my being alone, without my girls. God is bigger!
You all know the negative thoughts that you hear at night, too. Why not give your worries and those negative voices of fear to your Father in Heaven? Jesus tells us how important it is to hear His voice and to be focused on the work we need to do in His name. This comes from the center of our hearts to the people of the world. The many voices that we let crowd out Jesus are very tiny. Remember God our Father is bigger, Jesus our Savior is bigger, and the Holy Spirit is bigger. Once you recognize the voice of God amidst all of the clatter, the feel of His gentle presence and unconditional love, other people will then recognize your voice as His follower.
As we pray about our Lenten journey, let's quiet our thoughts of the world and turn to Jesus, hearing His words of strength, love, and abiding faith.
Will you pray with me?
Jesus my Savior,
Help me to remain completely in Your love. Help me to hear only Your voice and feel Your love and freedom. In Your tender arms, let me rest at night. In Your Holy Spirit let me rejoice in the day.
"Stand firm in the way set before you, in prayer to the Most High God." (Sirach 17)
Mrs. Mann
Spirituality. Scholarship. Service. Sisterhood.