Padua Celebrates Chinese Culture Week

Last week, Padua celebrated the Chinese New Year with a Chinese Culture Week. Throughout the week, students enjoyed different Chinese treats and activities. "China is one of the four oldest civilizations in human history. I think it's important for our students to learn about cultures other than their own to become more globally aware citizens. Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China as well as several other countries in Eastern Asia. Since we have students from these regions at Padua, we wanted to invite our students to celebrate the holiday and be aware of the diverse cultures within our school," reflected Global Initiatives Coordinator, Ms. Liang ('14). The events of Chinese Culture Week were organized by Ms. Liang and the Asian Culture Club.

Students were greeted on Monday morning with Chinese New Year decorations hanging in the hallways. On Tuesday, students were treated to fortune cookies! Activities included learning how to write in Chinese and how to make paper lanterns. Students also rang a gong to be dismissed from lunches. Ms. Liang, who is from Guangzhou, China, remarked, "It has been wonderful to celebrate and share my culture with the Padua community and to see students and faculty embrace my culture!"
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