Veterans Panels Visit the Padua Social Studies Department

Students in Ms. Markham's Honors Modern American History and Government classes attended a panel discussion led by four Padua students' fathers who offered perspectives from their military service.

Superintendent Maintenance/Supply Liaison Tariq Mahmud (Zehra, '19) served on Air Bases from 1983-2007 and was deployed to the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. U.S. Army CID Agent Brian Grant (Molly, '22) served from 2012-13 in Afghanistan. Chief Warrant Officer Four and Helicopter Pilot Eric Hamm (Alexis, '19) was deployed to Jordan in 1989 and Iraq in 2004. He flew missions to the borders of Turkey, Iran, and Syria. Steven Yeatman (Grace, '19 and Clare, '22) served in Iraq with the 56th Stryker Brigade Combat team from 2008-9.

Each advised future voters on how to navigate the complexities of U.S. foreign policy. Mr. Mahmud reminded students, "We don't get the objective view from the other side. We get information from our side." Mr. Hamm added that his viewpoints on U.S. policy had changed over the years. "Don't get stuck in one mindset," he warned. "Listen to various opinions and be open." Mr. Yeatman, who had experience dealing with Iraqi civilians, characterized U.S. foreign missions as "a challenge to know when it is time to leave a mission." He too cautioned students, "News information can be very editorialized." Mr. Grant showed wonderful pictures from his deployment and lamented the situation for Afghani schoolchildren. He acknowledged his concern about U.S. goals in Afghanistan, especially given the fears of Taliban resurgence. However, he emphasized, "Never forget our reasons for being in Afghanistan."

On Wednesday, February 5th, veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars visited Mrs. Pugliese's Modern U.S. History and Government classes to share their experiences. 
Captain Adam Fenimore (husband of Mrs. Fenimore) and 1st Lieutenant Brittany Pooreof the 106th Engineer Company in the Delaware Army National Guard and Tech. Sergeant Scott Burris (husband of Mrs. Burris) of the Delaware Air National Guard spent the day answering students' questions and discussing their diverse experiences in the Middle East and other countries from 2003 to as recent as this past January. 

We thank all of these members of our Padua community for their service and commitment!
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