Hungry Pandas Cake Decorating Contest

Padua's culinary club, the Hungry Pandas, hosted its 3rd annual Cake Decorating Contest on Thursday, January 31st during Flex. The contest involved five teams of two faculty member captains and three students. Students purchased $1 raffle tickets for the chance to participate on the team of their choice. Proceeds from the sales are donated to charity. 

Each team was provided with a cake and the decorating equipment necessary to transform it into a masterpiece. Professional chefs served as guest judges. Seniors Katherine Hally, Alicia Lenoir, and Elizabeth Bader along with faculty captains, Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Townsend,emerged victorious. Mrs. Townsend reflected, "My favorite part of the cake decorating competition was my awesome team. I had no cake decorating experience, but my team was supportive and had great ideas to make our masterpiece a reality."
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