Catholic Schools Week Mass with Bishop Malooly

On Wednesday, January 30th, Bishop Malooly of the Diocese of Wilmington visited Padua to celebrate a multilingual Mass. To celebrate Padua's role in the global Catholic Church, Mass was delivered in over 15 languages. Songs were sung in Spanish, French, Luganda, Baasa, Swahili, Efik, and Italian. Prayers of the Faithful were read by students and teachers who speak Afrikaans, Gujarati, Japanese, German, Urdu, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, and Polish. Additional prayers and readings were delivered in Chinese, American Sign Language, and Hebrew.
Tingwei Shi, a Padua senior from Xiangyang, Hubei, China, who participated in the Mass remarked, "The multilingual mass was a new and exciting experience. I really appreciate that I was able to serve. Delivering a verse in Chinese reminds me that the celebration of mass is universal. I am proud to be a global citizen." 

Read the Mass program in its entirety here.
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