From the Head of School - January 24, 2019

Dear Parents, Alumnae, & Friends,

We are now in what is called Ordinary Time in our church, the time between the feasts of Christmas and Easter. Ordinary Time seems like such an innocuous description of our days spent trying to follow Jesus. I honestly don't think I have ever had a time in my life I could call ordinary. Each day is a gift from God and that in itself is extraordinary!

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Lutheran pastor, once told a story of a man who falls from the side of a cliff. All that saves him from certain death is a desperate grab for a root sticking out from the side of the cliff. He clings to the slim root screaming for God to save him. God answers, "Do you want me to save you?" The man cries, "Yes, I'll do anything!" To this God replies, "Anything? Then let go."

Ordinary Time calls us to continue to do extraordinary works - calling on God every minute of our day. Will you pray with me?

Dear Lord, help us to have enough trust in Your love for us that we can let go of our need for control. Help us to let go of our desire to do things according to our will and instead help us to let go and follow You. Give us the courage to let go of what we want and follow You wherever You lead. In this ordinary time of our lives, help us Lord to love You in extra-ordinary ways.

In the name of Jesus Your son, Amen.

I pray that you have a splendidly extraordinary week! I love you all.

Mrs. Mann
Spirituality. Scholarship. Service. Sisterhood.