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For more than 60 years, Padua Academy has provided generations of young women an education rooted in the Catholic faith, built on the dedication and experience of the area’s most talented educators, and focused on ensuring the success of each student in college and far beyond.

At the heart of that education are four tenets:

– We demonstrate our Catholic faith in the daily life of the school and encourage our students to pursue spiritual growth throughout their lives.
– In the spirit of St. Francis de Sales, we strive “to be who we are and to be that well.”

– Through a culture committed to academic excellence, we build a solid foundation that sustains a lifelong love of learning.
– Our challenging educational process encourages the development of the whole person.

– We are dedicated to the education of young women and support each one in becoming all that God created her to be.
– By learning to work together and encourage each other, our students acquire a gentle strength that transforms them into leaders and givers.

– Francis of Assisi inspires us to see the good in all creation and to value every person as a gift from the Creator.
– We foster a dedication to love, to serve, and to care for others in our communities, both locally and globally.

In classrooms, on athletic fields, and in community centers, these principles power each young woman’s Padua experience from freshman orientation to graduation.

That commitment to educating the complete student has earned the school recognition from education associations like the Cardinal Newman Society and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

But more important, in class after graduating class, it has produced empowered young women. Each Padua graduate

  • Grows in her faith, accepting a lifelong spiritual journey to develop her God-given potential.
  • Acquires her own moral compass that equips her to approach the challenges of modern society through a Catholic worldview, respecting the sacredness of each individual life.
  • Develops a repertoire of educational skills that empowers her success: she is an effective communicator and collaborator, a proficient writer and researcher, and a critical thinker, who also possesses a tenacious work ethic and a keen sense of global awareness.
  • Is comfortable in the academic environment of inquiry and investigation and well prepared for the intellectual growth that becomes central to her identity outside of the collegiate and professional arenas.
  • Values sisterhood, a relationship through which she fosters care and concern for others.
  • Supports and celebrates her Padua sisters from her very first day, following graduation, and through her adult life.
  • Reaches out to those in need in a selfless way for the betterment of humankind.
  • Sets an example of her faith in action, leading others to love, serve, and care for all of creation, through her service to local and global communities.
  • Strives to infuse all of her efforts with goodness, a leadership style that mirrors the soft but strong spirit of St. Francis de Sales.

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Rooted in the Catholic faith, Padua Academy offers young women a transformational college preparatory education, challenging them to live Christ-centered lives of leadership and service.