Yay Lunch is the food service provider for Padua Academy.

Our Cafe

Through Yay Lunch, we are able to provide dining services that are easy for parents and deliciously nutritious for students and faculty. Padua's cafeteria offers the ease of Yay Lunch's Grab & Go Cafe for breakfasts, lunches, snacks and drinks, as well as lunches that can be ordered in advance on the Yay Lunch website. 

The Grab-N-Go Cafe menu includes freshly prepared breakfast + lunch options that rotate seasonally, including options from local partners Milk & Honey and M2O. Yummy snacks from pre-packaged favorites to fresh fruit + veggies. Yay Lunch will also offer beverages!
Breakfast is available from 7AM until 8:30AM, with lunch and snacks available through 3PM. Our cafe is completely cash and card free! All you’ll need is a free Yay Lunch account, complete with payment information + your faculty or student ID number. You’ll provide your ID number at checkout to complete your transaction.

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  • How it Works / Setting Up Your Account

    If you haven’t already, create your free Yay Lunch account! You can also double-check that your account is complete with payment information and a student or faculty ID on your account page.  From here you can choose from lunches that are ordered in advance and delivered to our cafeteria on the days you select.
    Follow these steps to set up your Yay Lunch account:
    1. Visit yaylunch.com and select "For Parents" and then "Get Started."
    2. Next select your "Region" and "School."
    3. Add your student under "My Lunchers" using their student ID which is located on their OnCampus student page under the tab "contact card."
    4. Link a credit card to your Yay Lunch account. You no longer load the account with a specific dollar amount.  
    5. Your student can then go to the cafe, grab what they would like, and check out at the computers using their student ID #. This will link your purchase to your Yay Lunch account. On the day of purchase, order confirmation emails will be sent to the email provided on your Yay Lunch account. Grab + go items will be billed weekly on the Saturday after service.  You can also order lunches online in advance.
  • Spending Limits

    You can edit your daughters daily spending limit using “edit Luncher” under your daughters account.
  • Yay Lunch During Lent

    Yay Lunch has honored our request for Lent-friendly menus. During Lent, all options on Friday menus will be meat free, and items containing meat will be temporarily removed until the end of Lent. Your usual Friday menu will return after Easter break. If you have repeat order, your order will be substituted with a vegetarian option and restored when Lent ends.
    If your repeat order is impacted, you will receive an email from the Yay Lunch Customer Experience team containing more details. Be sure to visit the lunch calendar at yaylunch.com to place or change your order before the order deadlines of Sunday at noon.

Important Information

  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Yay Lunch’s Customer Experience team at info@yaylunch.com
  • Online orders should be made each Sunday by noon.
  • If you are absent, please use the email info@yaylunch.com to cancel your order. Be sure to email before 9:00 AM.
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