The Advocacy Program for Success (APS) empowers students by providing educational experiences rooted in mentorship and self awareness. APS delivers dynamic lessons through small group and large-scale educational initiatives.
Through cultivation of comprehensive educational experiences, APS strengthens the school community and prepares students for success both at Padua and beyond. 

The mission to help students develop Seven Qualities of Success serves at the forefront of programming. These qualities are Ambition, Authenticity, Curiosity, Gratitude, Fortitude, Social Intelligence, and Self-Control. The Seven Qualities are cultivated through a curriculum built for Padua students by Padua faculty. The curriculum is shaped around an annual theme. 

Each APS group meets regularly throughout the course of the school year. These groups are comprised of approximately twelve students across all four grade levels and one faculty advocate. Senior Big Sisters and Freshman Little Sisters are placed in the same APS group to help strengthen bonds.

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    Michael Sheehan 

    Director of Innovation and Special Programs
    University of Scranton - MS in Curriculum and Instruction
    Saint Joseph's University - BS in Theology
The Seven Qualities of Success:

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  • Gratitude

    Recognition of opportunities, experiences, and others that results in a continuous state of appreciation and empathetic action
  • Self-Control

    Consideration of personal thoughts and behavior that results in taking responsible action rooted in motivation to grow
  • Social Intelligence

    Navigation of varied social situations accompanied by the appreciation of diverse perspectives and personalities of others
  • Ambition

    Pursuit of growth through dedication to self discovery and empowerment that results in the realization of possibility
  • Authenticity

    Demonstration of self awareness through commitment to honest character, embracement of strength, and bravery to be genuine
  • Curiosity

    Investment in new learning experiences in the pursuit of confronting the unknown to seek a higher level of understanding
  • Fortitude

    Willingness to embrace difficult situations in the interest of acquiring new outlooks, perspectives, and experiences
Past Themes:

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  • Put Your Talents to Work (2017-2018)

    Students and staff were challenged to "put their talents to work" through two unique Padua APS projects.

    In the fall, each APS group designed and decorated a ceiling tile to represent the diverse talents and qualities of each individual in the group. These one-of-a-kind tiles are displayed in Padua hallways.

    In the spring, APS groups competed in the Padua Project contest, a design-thinking competition. This initiative challenged students to identify and solve problems within their community. Students designed proposals, drafted detailed plans, and pitched their ideas to a panel of judges.
  • Bringing the Inside Out (2016-2017)

    The Padua community was challenged with a growth mindset theme. APS sessions were dedicated to recognizing the unique strengths of each individual in an effort to identify the collaborative strengths of the entire community.
  • Address the Stress (2015-2016)

    The Padua community was challenged to "address the stress" by identifying the factors that caused them the most stress. The curriculum provided students with a variety of pragmatic tools and strategies to combat these social, academic, and emotional stressors.
  • What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid? (2014-2015)

    APS asked students, faculty, and staff what they would do if they were not afraid. With the knowledge that fear guides and inhibits many decisions and thought processes, the APS team developed a curriculum aimed to challenge and minimize those fears.
  • Growth Occurs at the Edge of Your Comfort Zone (2013-2014)

    The Padua community engaged in lessons and discussions that challenged participants to consider that personal growth and progress only happen when one steps outside of her comfort zone.
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