Closing Liturgy 2023

Today on Broom Street, many unforgettable memories were made that cannot be contained in a single upload. The day commenced with Closing Liturgy, a heartwarming gathering of our student body, faculty, and staff, marking the culmination of the year and honoring Padua's Class of 2023. The event included the cherished Padua tradition of passing on the class colors. It ended with the senior class encircling their Padua sisters, singing "Go Light Your World" and "We Are One Body." Tears flowed freely as this blessed occasion came to a close. Seniors then took their class photo on the front steps of Padua and pictures around campus. Stay tuned for more pictures and coverage of the Closing Liturgy! Many more pictures are on our Facebook & also, visit our youtube page to view the live stream of Closing Liturgy on our YouTube Channel.
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