APS Lesson Teaches Students How to Be Their Best Selves

APS groups have been talking about the importance of principle-based thinking. Last week in APS, students were challenged to shift their perspectives about their own achievements.  

Students began the lesson by working on a handout that discussed principle-centered and others-centered ways of thinking. They then worked in small groups to answer the following question on a series of Post-it notes: "What are words, characteristics, or achievements that you associate with your Best Self?" After answering the question with as many words or phrases as possible, the entire group sorted through its Post-it notes to identify principle-centered words and phrases. 

The lesson culminated with students creating their own principle-centered affirmation statements. Everyone made two "bumper stickers" out of her statement. The first sticker could be displayed somewhere personally significant, while the second sticker could be placed on a community bulletin board.
Spirituality. Scholarship. Service. Sisterhood.