A #PaduaGIVES Day Thank You

For every dollar donated to Padua above and beyond tuition, we are able to support initiatives that YOUR own daughters propose and execute. For every dollar donated to Padua, we are able to provide our faculty with the necessary education to expand our academic offerings, giving your daughters the greatest real-world edge. With every dollar your contribute, you are part of a “pay it forward” movement, with our young women serving as conduits of change by volunteering at dozens of non-profit organizations.

It is your supplementary contributions to our #PaduaGives Day and the Annual Fall Appeal that fund class retreats, costumes for our Spring musical, athletic uniforms and scholarships for those students with financial need. And the list goes on.
And since we understand that Giving Back can take many forms, over the next month we'll be sharing via social media, all the ways that you can give back. 

Thank you for your continued support of everything that happens within the walls of the Big Box of Love.

Giving Opportunities

To learn more about giving opportunities, please contact the Advancement Office at (302) 421-2778 or advancement@paduaacademy.org.
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