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Gifts from all investors (as of 6-9-2020)

St. Anthony of Padua Society - ($10,000 and up)
American Gift Fund
Mrs. Barbra Andrisani
The Anthony and Catherine Fusco Foundation
Michael A. Deptula
Renee Colatriano Lewandowski '87
Schwab Charitable
US Charitable Gift Trust
The St. Francis Society - ($5,000 - $9,999)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Anderson
Ms. Myoshi C. Aubain
Bank of America
Mrs. Ellen Barrosse and Mr. Paul Antle
BNY Mellon Community Partnership
Herb and Evelyn Casalena
Jennifer Kroll Cuva '99
Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists, P.A.
DuPont Speciality Products USA, LLC
Fidelity Investments
John and Peg Gerber
Haverford Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Levin
Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists, P.A.-Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mesa
Jason and Jodi Moore
PMAK Foundation
Rev. McCoy, OSFS Society - ($3,000 - $4,999)
Robert and Janet Blazovic
CSC (Corporation Service Company)
Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC
Financial Advisors of Delaware Valley
Mrs. Martina Ciccarelli Ianni '80 and Mr. Raymond Ianni
Anita and David Juliano and Family
Ken and Jenn Kenton
Cathleen McVeigh '77
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Miller
Annmarie Pawlowicz '78 and Barry Zias
Dr. Peter Subach and Christine McMahon Subach
Today Media
Mark and Vanessa Vavala
Sister Canuta, OSF Society - ($2,000 - $2,999)
Character Lab
Jeanmarie Forester Desmond '85
Tim and Shelley Dougherty
Flynn & O'Hara Uniforms, Inc.
Leslie and Mark Fundakowski
Alfred M. Guaraldo
Reverend Francis Hanlon OSFS
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Joel and Kristen Lang
Mr. and Mrs. James P. McFadden
Terri Ruddick Morrin '78
Neumann University
Leo and Mary Jane Renzette
The Shannon Family
YourCause, LLC
Father Roberto's Circle - ($1,000 - $1,999)
ABHA Architects
The Arthur Family Foundation
Michael and Linda Barkasy
Battaglia Electric, Inc.
Gene and Maryann Donato Battaglia '64
Michelle L. Belton '97
Benz Hydraulics
Citizens Bank
Class of 1986
Class of 2020
Dan and Ann Costello
Richard and Christine DiSabatino
Mrs. Katy Emmi
Anthony and Catherine Crossan Flynn '69
Captain Jamie Leigh Gleber '04
Eileen Quillivan Grant '65
Mr. Daniel J. Hahn and Mrs. Angela Fielder Hahn '88
Ms. Emily Johnston '98
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Julian
Mrs. Elvira C. Kipp
Ms. Elizabeth V. Laur
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Law
Tony Matarese
Mary L. and Joseph P. McClory
Ms. Helen McCrossan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Migliore
Morgan Stanley
New Castle County Council
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Novo
Paul and Linda Olivere
Mrs. Linda Marini Olivere '82
Kathy and Matthew O'Toole
Mrs. JoAnn Agostini Picciotti '65
Shana and Patrick Rossi
Salesianum School
Marlene Santacecilia
Deacon and Mrs. Michael Stankewicz
Len and Marla Stevens
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Mrs. Michele DiLuchio Turulski '85
Union Park
Vanguard LifeStrategy Growth Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Vavala
Steven J. Waidley
Dr. MaryAnn Wallen
Donna and Wayne Weaver
Reverend Mark J. Wrightson OSFS
Joan Archangelo Yue '64
Brother Michael's Circle - ($500 - $999)
Elizabeth DiLuchio Albano '87
Mrs. Kathleen Murphy Baffone '75 and Mr. Gregory A. Baffone
Suzanne Kipp Banker '87 and Raymond Banker
John Bisaha and Kate Stika
Ms. Melissa Budd '06
Mr. and Mrs. William J. DeFeo III
Andi Baffone Degnan '97
Caroline Horty Dickerson '87
Exelon Corporation
Dr. Marciana D. Filippone '70
Joe and Shelly Gallo
Robert and Shari Gleber
Mrs. Ruth Marinelli Graziano '76
Sean and Cindy Haney
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
JPMorgan Chase Foundation/Employee Engagement & Volunteerism
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Julian
Ms. Mary Lammert
 Rocchina Casale '77
Dante and Bernardine Marini
Mrs. Julia Stalloni Marsini '74
Lourdes M. McLaughlin '76
The Moloy Family
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Ng
Allison B. Masci Patni '94
Ms. Sandra Pietlock '91
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Pryor
Mr. and Mrs. F.P. Pullella, Jr.
Cami and Mike Riley
Francis Rocco and Janet Alfonsi Rocco '78
Gregory and Julie Rodowsky
Ms. Stephanie Saboe '93
Rainbow Shaw-Giaquinto and Thomas Giaquinto
Michael and Erin Sicuranza '90
Ms. Kathleen Horgan Siegfried '81 and Mr. Robert L. Siegfried
Kathy Stiller '82
Paula M. Selestok Tipping '72
Bruce and Polei Warnke
Mr. Rim Williams and Mrs. Deborah Chiappardi-Williams
Suaviter sed Fortiter Club - ($100 - $499)
Michael and Melinda Aghajanian
Amelia and Sylvester Aiello
Geraldine Burris Aiello '63
Mary M. Akers
Mary Ann Albano '79
Carolina C Alberti '82
AmazonSmile Foundation
James and Helen Apostolico
Ms. Elaine Archangelo '67
Louis Arena and Joanne Delikat Arena '58
Nina Auyeung and Bill Haughton
Ken and Lisa Bachman
Caitlin Backer
Mr. Srikanth Balagangadhar and Sheela Srikanth
Leonard and Tricia Balestrieri
Edmund and Carolyn Banas
Bank of America United Way Campaign
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bannon
Mrs. Idamae Gillen Barnes '60
Mary Manley Bates '62
Mrs. Rosemarie P. Batty
Marie L. Beckett '98
Jose Beltran
Rick and Jeana Beno
Mark A. Berenato
The Boeing Company
Jennifer and Chris Boudart
Mimi Boudart '69
Keelin Boyle '07
Megan and Sean Boyle
Jerry and Ellen Brannen
Kimberly D. Braun '99 and Nicklos Holik
Christina Dauphin Brown '86
Ms. Mary Theresa Brown
The Brown Family
Alfred and Kathy Burke
David and Beth Burke
Mrs. Susan Fitzpatrick Burris '98
Richard Burton and Kristin Malone Burton '93
Jessica Butzgy '06
Bruna M. Carchedi '67
Mrs. Jocelyn Lynch Cassidy '94
Mary Louise Chesley-Cora
Rosalie Lombardo and Vincent Ciammaichelli
Pat Ciarrocchi '70
Nils and Marie Classen
Diane M. Coffey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Collier
Jill M. Connell '83
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Connors
Ms. Regina Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Cross
Joan DiGiacobbe Crozier '67
Ms. Maria DaSilva '84
Mrs. Mary I. Davis
Audrey Dandoy Day '03
Gary and Julie DeFrehn
Toni Ann Davolos Degnan '73
Lorraine Harris Demers '78
Michele Rose Dempsey '82
Bridget Smith Desaulniers '02
Marcy Casey Desmond '61
Diane M. DiClemente '66
Chris DiFranceisco and Renee Miraglia
Robert and Dorina DiGennaro
Mrs. Roseann Pedicone DiPilla '73
Jacqueline Kelly DiSabatino '93
Lisa and Ernie DiStefano
Jim and Amy Denver Doherty '88
Patricia Niemann Dolceamore '77
Cecilia Domec '62
Mrs. Maryann Moore Dorsey '68
Kevin Dove
Dr. Jeanne Downey-Vanover '79
Mr. and Mrs. William Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. M. John Ehnot
Mrs. Marie Hartis Elliott '68
Stephanie Quinn Elwood '02
Benita Oddo Eoppolo '73
Barbara and Bob Evancho
Exelon Corporation
Mrs. Elizabeth Cassidy Feldman '60
Kathleen Redmond Fenimore '59
Shannon Fitzpatrick '00
Mr. and Mrs. William Fitzpatrick
Mrs. Joan Kelley Fox '63
Eileen ('61), Dana ('85), Lauren ('10), Gabriela ('18), and Natalia ('22) Frabizzio
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua A. Frazier
Robert and Lisa Freeze
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Frey
Anita Pellicone Fuller '69
Gary and Celeste Galati
Alicia M. Lewandowski Gates '09
Steven and Andrea Gempp
Nancy E Gervay
David and Ellen Getty
Nicole Catalina Giannattasio '80
Ms. Claudia Richardson Gilbert '95
Diane DiCarlo Glatts '76
Emily R. Glatts '14
Antoinette Buiano Golbus '58
Bill & Dianne Gross
Francis Grugan and Irene Del Signore Grugan '67
Joe Hagee and Lillian Finch Hagee '59
Mr. and Mrs. Duane P. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Hallo
John and Susan Hally
Myae Han
Ms. Kelly Hannigan
Meg DiPinto Hartman '76
Mary Lou Budischak Hawkins '64
Hays Family
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Higley
Bethann and Tom Higley
Elizabeth Sellen Hindman '99
Deborah deJuliis Hoffman '74
Martha and Louis Holladay
Tim and Carol Houseal
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hughes Jr.
Dr. Carolyn O'Hara Ianni
Jo Ann Bramble Janis '63
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jeker
Mr. and Mrs. Anto Jose
Mr. Michael Julian
Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Kahl
Ms. Jacqueline Batty Kameen '00
Mike and Liz Keefe
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kelleher
Angela Gallo Kelly '83
Paul and Karen Kelly
Catherine Kennedy
Kathleen Kenney '70
Patricia A. Killen '62
Mrs. Mary Ellen Ackerman King '65
Rita V. Klosiewicz '59
Lisa and Dan Kowalski
Paul and Jerilyn Kuchma
Rachel Lambert '99
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Victoria Samluk Land '88
Ms. Annette M. Lang '87
Kathleen Rosaio Lauring '70
Dr. Frances H. Leach
Dennis and Allison Leizear
Ms. Jenna Leo '14
Macy Levicoff
Steve Liberatore and Luana Pierantozzi Liberatore '80
Formal Affairs - Christopher Locke
Mrs. Mary Ann Klekotka LoPiccolo '58
Philip LoPiccolo
Melissa Ludwig State Farm Agent Class of '97
Lisa Barry MacLennan '88
Mrs. Margaret Gerber Maher '93
Mahler Family
Lauren and Daniel Mahler
Joyce Lamborn Mahoney '70
Marianne Mancini '97
Mrs. Rebecca Manelski
Ms. Annie Manista '15
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Manista
Josette DelleDonne Manning '90
Thomas and Hiedi Manning
Diane C. Marinelli '77
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Masci
Theresa F Matarese '74
Hannah Burke Mauss '67
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mazzeo
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McCafferty
Martin and Kathleen McCarrick
Carol and George McDowell
Amy S. McEvoy '88
Karen McFadden
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGowan
IHM Golf League
Mr. Robert McLaughlin
Donna DalBello McMackin '67
Uncle Hugh and Aunt Peggy McStay
Cathy and Bill Meakem
Lucy Casale Mealey '77
Rachel Mealey '12
Ms. Bridget Micka '00
Alana Whitmarsh Miller '12 and John Miller
Mark and Jane Miller
Mrs. Joanne Marek Miro '65
Virginia and Kenneth Morley
Susan Morris '86
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Mosca
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mosier
Jen and Greg Mrozek
Mary Beth Watson Mucher '84
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mullen
Janet Murphy
Kevin and Kathy Murphy
Mary and Pat Muzzi
Mike Nagle and Jen Ondik
Donna Latina Nash '69
Joe and Diane Nesci
Network For Good
Lauren Wasilewski Nines '91
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Mrs. Deborah Oleck
Ms. Mary Murphy O'Neal '76
Janell Ostroski
Donna DiGiuseppe Pacifico '81
Maria Giorgi Panella '80
Mrs. Rosemarie Ciccarelli Parker '59
Wayne W. Patterson and Mararet R. Patterson
Kathleen Paulson '69
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Pedicone
Joan M. Perry and Nicholas J. Regina
Jacqueline Shea Pfeifer '82
Sharon A. McDonough Phillips '66
Mrs. Jean Piziak
PJM Interconnection
PNC Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Poehlmann
Ms. Kathryn Poppiti '05
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Press
Ken and Jennifer Pritchard
Mrs. Maribeth LaBorde Przywara '87
Mrs. Angela Coburn Pugliese '09
Mrs. Diane Querey Quigley '88
Jamie and Jennifer Quinlan
Kelley H. Quinn '77
Jack and Mary (Tambourelli '79) Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Quinn
Tom and Debbie Quinn
Marcia Vicorek Raniere '61
Steve and Alicia Regotti
Claire Krienen Reynolds '76 and John Reynolds
Carolyn and Bill Reynolds
Elizabeth Ashley Rhodes '12
Leanne Gittings Rieger '90
Corrin Rogers '15
Marie Abessinio Rogers '61
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rogers
Michael and Kelly Ruggieri
Mrs. Marie Pacinelli Rule '60
Clorinda Ciccarelli Russo '61
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ryan
Deborah Patille Sagar '73
Jennifer and Scott Salerni Grants
Mr. Paul J. Salvo, Sr.
John Sanders
Mrs. Stacy Lynch Sanders '88
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Scalora
Teresa Scannell '66
Mary Santora Schiavi '77
D. Linda Brunozzi Schilling '67
Virginia Jensen Schreppler '00
Steven and Margaret Schuessler
Mrs. Mary Seage
Segeda Family
Katherine M. Seitz '62
Mrs. Maureen Pivinski Sendrowski '66
Elaine Serpe '75
Sarah Shea '04
Timothy and Diane Shea
Carol Kabis Sheats '67
Patrice Sherwin
Frank Sianni
Mrs. Patricia Callahan Sianni '58
Mrs. Tori L. Simpson '94
Singer Family
Charlotte Fisher Skomorucha '65
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Smith
Meghan E. Smith '09
Michele Repici Smith '87
Robbin Reardon Smith '88
Jennifer Campbell Sonson '06
Virginia and Charles B. Stalhuth
Evan and Elizabeth Stoddard
Michael and Therese Stratton
Stephen P. and Betty Sweeny
Marjorie Devine Szaroleta '60
Jude and Alison Szczerba
Mary Eileen Mulvena Szczerba '62
Carol Donovan Teague '69
Donna and Marc Tomlinson
Matthew P. Trainer
Ellen Turano
The Tuschinski Family
Kathleen Monagle Vachris '82
Ida Dolan Varon '63
MG(Ret) and Mrs. Frank Vavala
Kathleen M. Vavala
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Vavala
Domenica Rose Vinci '83
Melissa M. Volpe
Wacker Chemical Corporation
Mr. J. Charles West
Mrs. Lucy L. West '61
Mrs. Theresa Lattanzi Whitmore '73
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Wilber
Greg and Sue Wilhelm
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt A. Wilhelm
Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Williams
Rob and Sandy Wirt
Andrea Lawruk Woolley '98
Mr. and Mrs. David Wright
Mrs. Colleen Reddy Yegla
Mrs. Janice Dellose Zeberkiewicz '68
Laura Marinelli Zerbato '05
Angela Zheng '23
 John and Tricia Zwiercan
Padua Black and Yellow Club - (Up to $99)
Anna Muto Alinda '05 and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Allen
Ms. Diana Mercus-McClafferty Anderson '75
Ms. Sybil Cole Anderson '61
Gabriel Archangelo and Eve Pellicone Archangelo '75
Gayle West Ayala '69
Alexandra Azara '19
Mrs. Sarah Casey Banas '80
Phyllis L Bargelski '63
Kelly O'Hagan Barnes '96
Mr. and Mrs. James Barnett Jr.
Ms. Barbara Oliver Barto '60
Ms. Diana Bates '09
Michelle Lawruk Beck '94
Kory Nesci Beddis '09
Charma Bell '02 and Brittany Bell '06
Lynn M. Bakey Blackwell '74
Boehmler Family
Michelle Bondrowski
Mary Anne Kirlin Bonner '72
Mr. Philip Boyer
Elizabeth Regina Bransky '08
Miles and Kathleen Bransky
Mrs. Margaret Parisan Bressner '61
Mark and Sonja Brindle
Ms. Janet Ischia Brown '61
Deborah Bryan '79
Mrs. Jennifer Buchanan
Ms. Annabelle Burke '15
Ms. Lily Burke '19
Ms. MichelleRose Buscarino
Marty and Theri Callahan
Mrs. Christine Campbell
Ms. Jillian Padovani Campbell '09
Ms. Katherine Campbell '08
Ms. Lisa Campbell '08
Mrs. Anne Marie Cantlin
Andrew and Ruby Carey
Ann Casapulla '83
Ann Marie Casey '61
Mike and Jane Castle
Dr. and Mrs. John Cellucci
Ms. Amanda C. Chilkotowsky '12
Mrs. Elaine Dellose Ciccarone '62
ToniAnn Maiorano Cilia '71
Robert Coates
Connelly Family
Kathleen C. Corcoran '11
Mr. and Mrs. Len Correale
Mr. and Mrs. Len Correale Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Coulter
Ms. Eileen Nedwick Couturier '69
Mrs. Angela DiFebo Crowl '71
Sister Margaret Cunniffe OSF
Megan Davolos Cunningham '02
CyberGrants SPV, LLC
Mrs. Antoinette Scorsone D'Ascoli '00
Ms. Caitlin Davalos '09
Davis Family
Janine Solge Davis '79
Catherine DeAscanis '93
Laura M. Dechant DNP,APRN,CCRN,CCNS '90
Mark and Kathie Degli Obizzi
Colleen Reid Degnan '02
Dianne M. Del Giorno '69
Mr. and Mrs. E. Delate
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory DePaul
Mr. John J. DeRocili
Ms. Brielle DiFranceisco '16
Marissa DiGiacomo '16
Ms. Lindsay DiMuzio '09
Mrs. Camille Renzette Dinon '90
Marie Janton DiPrinzio '75
Ms. Alexandra DiVito '09
Mrs. Jennifer Hund Dodson '95
Mrs. Andrea Oller Donnelly '86
Haley Dougherty
Clare Rivers Dunning '60
Mr. Michael Dunning
The Duppel Family
Ms. Christina Earl '06
Kelly Nesci Elser '09
Ms. Emily Evans '16
Mary Dougherty Evans '59
Bridget A. Fassano '14
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Fassano
Maggie Fassano '13
Mrs. Katherine Lynam Fennell '59
Paula L. Eugeno Finnan-Dangello '66
Barbara Keech Flowers '73
Mrs. Ann Lacy Ford '65
Ellie Ford '68
Mrs. Eleanor Grimes Forester '61
Mr. Arnaud Fosse
Mrs. Kathleen Kabis Fraley '64
Ms. Antonella Frattarelli '09
Ms. Brynna Gaffney '17
Jennifer and Al Gallo
Jill Gaumer
Mrs. Joanne Rutkowski Gawinski '60
Roberta Poppiti Gelmont '69
Ms. Margaret Kulesza Gelnett '74
Courtney Gempp '17
Ms. Lauren Gempp '19
Eileen DiSabatino Giannattasio '59
Charlotte MacElderry Gibson '82
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Grasso
Mrs. Danielle Dertadian Graybeal '09
Jeffrey and Greta Gricol
Ms. Ursula Williams Gring '02
Ms. Emily Grugan '06
Brad and Kim Guise Family
Melissa Haas
Jennifer Rubright Halligan '86
Susan Kane Hally '86
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ham
Marilyn S. Hamilton
Mrs. Julia Malinowski Hamm '74
Mrs. Maryanne Hammel
Greg and Mary Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Harkins
Jane Valiante Helsel '60
Mr. Thomas P. Henaghan and Dr. Jacqueline Henaghan
Mrs. Lori Wirt Hilferty '86
Mr. and Mrs. Hilger
Mrs. Lauren Tucker Hine '06
Mrs. Mary Fisher Hix '78
Mrs. Janet McCarthy Hoag '60
Ms. Catherine Hogan '19
Ashley Hollingsworth '09
Erica Engler-Hosier '13
Hudson Family
Ms. Mary Ann Hughes and Dr. Andreas Muenchow
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond M. Ianni
Karen Iannucci
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Jaco
Ms. Caitlin Jamison '07
Mrs. Janet Trubona Jeffries '73
 Trish Johnson
Carol West Jones '92
Kat Locke-Jones '09
Marie Colicchio Keating '59
Ms. Michelle Keefe '06
Mrs. Patricia Peco Kelly '63
Mr. Daniel Kempski
Mary Beth Kessler '61
Maria Kilmon
Ms. Sara Kobus '09
Tina DiCinque Kojro '75
Susan Kwiatkowski
Mary S. Lang
Mr. Brandon Lawler
Joyce M. Lawless '76
Mr. John Lennick
Ms. Madison Lennon '19
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lloyd
Mrs. Rita M. Lynam-Bilodeau '66
Mrs. Kimberly Williams Macknis '93
Megan Marenco '08
Adriana Marini-Cossetti '94
Ms. Rona Marquette
Lou and Beth Masci
Carol J. Massa
Ms. Kelly Raymond McAndrew '02
Ms. Patricia McCaffery '09
Mr. Robert McCartney
Kieran McCloskey
Shannon Lambert McClure '06
Kelly '81 and Tom McDonnell
Frank and Audrey McGrath
Morgan M Dawson
Alexis McKeown '20
Mary L. Gam McMahon '63
Marie Patricia Gifford Mealey '58
Elizabeth Budischak Miller '66
Ms. Amy L. Milligan '75
Laura Milligan '79
Kelly McDonald Minemier '84
Lindsey B. Misci '19
Ms. Lindsey Misci '19
Ms. Barbara Mooney
Ms. Morgan Morrow '09
Mrs. Joan Vitiello Nolan '59
Bridget Novielli '13
Anne Marie O'Brien '63
Daniel and Barbara O'Connell
Ms. Emily O'Donnell '09
Mr. Joseph O'Donnell
Mrs. Linda Anselme O'Donnell '70
Ms. Catherine L. Onesi
Kim Webster Palandrani '77
Ms. Emily Perry '09
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Peters
Madalyn Petrucci Schultz Petit '69
 Jessica T. Phelps
Mary Ann Scharp Pierce '64
Mrs. Ann M. Piscarik
Mrs. Tina Sanders Pragoff '96
Jennifer A. Crystle '09
Mr. Adam Procaccio
The Prudential Foundation
Allison R. Pyle '02
Mike and Jill Querey
Ms. Lucille Rendina '79
Rizzo Family
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robinson
Meghan Rule Roddy '94
Jun and Nida Romero
Danielle Stella Rossi '94
Katherine Rudolph '06
Mr. and Mrs. Donato and Patricia Rufo
MacKenzie E. Rumford '10
Grace and Stephen Russell
Ms. Allison Ryan '15
Christine Nardozzi Sacharok '88
Catherine A. Salvo '63
Ms. Laura Scharp
Robert and Corrin Sellen
Lisa A Serio '79
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Shandy
Ryan Shelton
Dana Shockman
Michelle DelleDonne Simione '87
Paige Sioma '13
Mrs. Anne M. DeRocili Smigielski '68
Mrs. Angela Smith
Ted and Michelle Sobczyk
Jean Sowa & Amanda Chilkotowsky '12
Steve Staats
Mrs. Susan Riley Starnes '86
Mr. George J. Stockburger
Melissa Strab '16
Ms. Ava Stratton '18
Julia A. Stratton '15
Jaclyn Sullivan '98
Cheryl Szurkowski
Michael Szurkowski
Christin Taggart '89
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Taggart
Taylor Quinn Talley '07
Mrs. Kathleen Thompson
Ms. Laura Tomlinson '15
Mr. Angelo Trapani and Mrs. Jennifer Stella Trapani '06
Steph and Robert Traver
Ms. Gwendolyn Truman '19
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Truman
Ms. Danielle Tinurelli Trunnell '94
Emma Trunnell '21
Ms. Colleen Quinn Varesano '06
Linda Vavala '65
Ms. Victoria Vavala '09
Mrs. Denise Vitollo
Mr. and Dr. Dennis Ward
Mrs. Alida DaSilva Wells '86
Mr. and Mrs. John Wenner
Mrs. Maureen Lenhoff Wenner '86
Jerren Unruh Wetterau
Ms. Michele Wharton '07
Ms. Deborah Whiteman '15
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Whiteman
Ms. Sarah Whiteman '12
Family of Ashley Whitmarsh
Toni A. Saxton Wilson '76
Paul Winnington
Ms. Rosemary McCracken Work '90
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Woytowich
Melissa Lestardo Yeatman '86
Ms. Rachel Zane '13
Spirituality. Scholarship. Service. Sisterhood.