Annual Fund

We Are One Body

While it has become a common refrain in Padua’s liturgies, this affirmation echoes past the final blessing of our school wide Masses. In classrooms, on teams, in activities, and eventually as alumnae, Padua Academy students are challenged to reflect the love of Christ to the world. Knowing we are many, yet one, unites generations of students with one another and with the community that supports them, including you!

Your continued support is part of Padua’s transformational learning experience, rooted in faith. Through your generous gifts, your faithful prayer, and your ardent support of our mission, you ensure that each student at Padua comes to own her unique giftedness and will, in turn, respond to the call to a Christ-centered life of leadership and service.

Please consider contributing to our annual Fall Appeal by using the link below. Should you have any questions, please contact Dr. Mary McClory by calling 302.421.3739 or emailing
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