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Students Meet 2009 Padua Honoree Immaculee Ilibagiza

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On March 4, the Life Unworthy of Life class had the rare opportunity to meet Immaculee Ilibagiza at West Chester University. Immaculee, who was Padua’s first “Woman of Achievement” and author of Left to Tell: Finding God in the Rwandan Holocaust, is on a speaking tour observing the twentieth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. Students were inspired by her account of survival and the redemptive power of faith and reconciliation. Senior Alex Roberts remarked, “Immaculee’s faith demonstrates that forgiveness may not always be easy but when you do forgive, you are able to find peace.” Many students called the exchange with Immaculee “life-changing.” Sophomore Hannah Greer commented that Immaculee’s “smile radiated healing.” Julia Stratton added, “Meeting Immaculee made her story real to me.” Students were very moved by what Abbey Macha described as “her incredible outlook on life and her strong faith in God.” Senior Ashley Abrams was “amazed” by the fact that Immaculee thanked her for “understanding my story,” and junior Caitlin Ritchie summed up the class’s overall reaction: “Her story should be shared with everyone.” Left To Tell is available in Padu a’s library.

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