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Padua Students Honored at 2015 Awards Assembly

Awards 4

The Padua community gathered early September 8 to honor recipients of more than 100 individual awards, from both the school as well as outside institutions, and the more than 90 students who achieved perfect attendance in the 2014-2015 school year. Congratulations to them all.

Highest Subject Area Average During the 2014-2015 School Year
Class of 2018
Elena Boyer – Personal Fitness
Ashlee Brentlinger – Personal Fitness
Maria DeStefano – Health and Wellness
Grace DiGiovanni – Communication Arts, Basics of Broadcasting, Geometry, Health and Wellness
Ursula Dzik – Art I: Visual Foundations
Marigrace Ferrill – Introduction to Literature
Olivia Giannetta – Art I: Visual Foundations
Brittany Knob – Art I: Visual Foundations
Grace Liberatore – Italian I
Heather Little – Introduction to Literature, Multimedia Journalism, Spanish I, World Civilizations, Geometry, Biology
Cameron Miles – Sacred Scripture
Gabriella Musumeci – Intro to Textiles
Lydia Olivere – Algebra I
Amber Owens – Graphic Design
Julianna Stape – French I

Class of 2017
Darby Deutsch – TV and Video Production
Brynna Gaffney – American Literature, AP Psychology
Grace Hamilton – Chorus 2
Hannah Jacobs – Italian 3
Jennifer Lofink – Human Growth and Development
Emma Lyles – Drama I
Lindsay Machamer – Fitness for Life
Camila Moreno – Textiles and Clothing I
Kalani Picho – Jesus and the Church, AP United States History, Intro to Engineering, Algebra II/Trigonometry, Chemistry
Gabriella Santacecilia – Italian 2, Geometry, Algebra II/Trigonometry
Emily Schroeder – Graphic Design, French 2
Susan Stepek – Graphic Design: Portfolio Development
Emily Stuebing – Jesus and the Church, Fitness for Life
Kelly Ward – American Literature, Spanish 2
Ashley Williams – Art II: Portfolio Development

Class of 2016
Christina Allen – Art III: Thesis
Margaret Achenbach – Chorus 3
Alexa Bruette – Christian Morality
Sarah Brush – Pre-Calculus, AP Statistics, Physics, AP Environmental Science
Susan Everett – Fashion Design and Construction III
Jamie Giannini – Engineering and Design
Meghan Hanson – Organic Chemistry
Anastasia Hutnick – AP English Language, Science Fiction Literature, French 3
Jacqueline Lang – Spanish 3, Physics
Laura Orth – Publication Design
Audrey Ostroski – AP Biology
Madeline Russell – AP Art History
Erin Schuessler – Physics
Chiara Smorada – French 3
Reyna Trujillo – Spanish 4
Kaleigh Wieand – Global Issues
Tina Zheng – Women’s Topics

Mordechai Anielewicz Creative Arts Competition
Held annually in June at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia and now in its 42nd year, the contest is named in memory of the young man who led the Jewish uprising against Nazi tyranny in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943. Lynsie Grant ‘17 received First Place for 2 Dimensional Art in the 9th and 10th Grade category. Her work was exhibited at Moore, where she was given an award, and where she had the opportunity to meet and talk with Holocaust Survivors.

Delaware Foundation for the Visual Arts Excellence in Drawing
In the yearly competition, 12 drawings are chosen for publication in a calendar. Last year, a charcoal drawing by Ursula Dzik ’18 called “Woman in the Moon” was among those selected.

Delaware College of Art and Design Annual High School Art Show
In 2015, the 9th to 11th grade second place award of a full scholarship to attend DCAD’s observational drawing class went to Emily Schroeder ’17 for her Graphic Design piece “Perfection.”

Delaware Governor’s School for Excellence in the Arts
The program chooses 10 visual art students from the state to participate in a weeklong educational experience in residence at the University of Delaware in July. Padua was represented by Ashley Williams ‘17.

National History Day Competition
The following Delaware State Winners qualified for participation in the June competition conducted at the University of Maryland:

Senior Exhibit 
Shelby Mitchell and Deborah Guerrero, “Hayao Miyaski, Japanese Anime Director”
Ludan Gbay, Susan Everett and Judy Ayala, “John Lewis: A Long Walk to Freedom”
Meghan Hanson, “Albertina Sisulu: The Mother of South Africa’s Liberation Struggle”

Abby McGowan and Kelly Jeker, “Wilhelm Runkin, Revolutionary Radiologist”
Taylor Streit and Abby Dean, “Nelson Mandela: A Beacon of Light for South Africa”

Brianna Van Sickel, “Ronald Reagan and the Screen Actors’ Guild”

Delaware’s Best Project Medal
Margaret Achenbach, “Hitsville USA: Gordy’s Musical Empire”

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medalist
Rensselaer enables high schools throughout the country to each recognize a student for outstanding academic achievement in the study of mathematics and science. Attached to this award is a minimum $15,000 a year scholarship if the recognized student chooses to attend Rensselaer. Padua’s Rensselaer Medalist from the Class of 2016 is Audrey Ostroski.

2015-2016 Delaware Secondary School Mathematics League Participants
Bailey Apostolico
Jessica Bridge
Sarah Brush
Josefa Castelli
Adheena Chacko
Sarah Durso
Susan Everett
Brynna Gaffney
Mary Hennessy
Lan Ho
Jacqueline Lang
Rebecca Lewis
Jessica Manley
Shelby Mitchell
Caitlin O’Brien
Grace Olive
Maddie Russell
Gabriella Santacecilia
Chiara Smorada
Reyna Trujillo
Kelly Ward
Kaleigh Wieand

Moody’s Mega Math Challenge Participants
Marguerite Beane
Lan Ho
Audrey Ostroski
Erin Schuessler
Chiara Smorada

Perfect Attendance in the 2014-2015 School Year
Class of 2018
Angela Akumiah
Victoria Anderson
Nicole Angelini
Anne Bohnenberger
Catherine Bohnenberger
Kathryn Buczik
Grace Casey
Kaitlyn Cassidy
Kennedy Crowder
Elizabeth Diaz
Grace DiGiovanni
Mary Shannon Donnelly
Marigrace Ferrill
Gabriela Frabizzio
Nicolina Gearing
Olivia Giannetta
Angela Hallinan
Elizabeth Hennessy
Kayleen-Anne Italia
Theresa Keefe
Sarah Kunkle
Julianna LeNoir
Heather Little
Sara Mayberry
Rachel Mazzeo
Reanna Minto
Gabriela Musumeci
Brianna Niggebrugge
Lauren Pala
Sophia Riveros
Francesca Sedlacek
Emily Segura
Sydney Sobczyk
Leanne Timko
Emma Toy
Carter Vaughan
Ann Ward
Reagan Winter

Class of 2017
Brooke Abrams
Madeline Aghajanian
Hannah Apostolico
Emily Balestrieri
Margaret Banker
Taliah Cintron
Olivia Craig
Hannah Danz
Brynna Gaffney
Courtney Gempp
Sophia Giannetta
Amanda Haggarty
Grace Hamilton
Carly Harland
Madelyn Iannucci
Miranda Marini
Julia Mauk
Erial McGrier
Kathryn McNichol
Camila Moreno
Jordan Moroski
Natalie Ng
Caitlin O’Brien
Meghan Patterson
Sandy Petriccione
Cassidy Pieper
Gabriella Santacecilia
Pia Singh
Victoria Spinelli
Chloe Stallard
Susan Stepek
Emily Stuebing
Kelly Ward
Catherine Zwiercan

Class of 2016
Hayley Abernethy
Victoria Auer
Nicole Byrne
Julia Classen
Sarah Cottrell
Deborah Guerrero
Meghan Hanson
Mary Hennessy
Lan Ho
Abigail McGowan
Chelsea McNamara
Shelby Mitchell
Laura Mumley
Laura Orth
Audrey Ostroski
Alasia Slade
Jordan Sobolesky
Brianna VanSickel
Kaleigh Wieand
Tina Zheng

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