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Padua Junior Co-Authors Orthopedic Research

Kalani Picho

Kalani Picho, a junior at Padua Academy, was selected to work with Dr. Lucas Lu, Ph.D. from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Delaware on research in the Cartilage Bioengineering Lab. During the 8 weeks of her tenure, Kalani assisted Dr. Lu and other graduate students with data analysis and hands-on experiments testing a new drug that claims to promote cartilage regeneration in humans after osteoarthritis was diagnosed.

“We took cartilage samples from a calf knee joint and simulated the damage which OA  causes. Then we exposed some of the samples to a drug we know works and exposed  other samples to the new drug. Using a confocal microscope, we took videos of the cells  after 5 and 10 days of drug exposure, and evaluated how healthy the cartilage samples  were and if the cartilage had improved after being damaged.” stated Kalani of her  research. The work that Kalani did with Dr. Lu contributed to 2 published abstracts that  are the basis for future research papers.

In both abstracts, she is mentioned as a co-author and Padua is cited as her school of origin. In addition, Kalani was invited to the 2016 Orthopedic Research Society Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida to present their research findings. Padua Academy is very proud of Kalani as she follows her dream to become a bioengineer! A recent article was published in The Dialog on December 18, 2015.  You can read it on page 11 here.

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