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Banking Officer Offers Real-Life Advice to Business Management Students

Business Guest Patrick McCormick

Patrick McCormick, Senior Credit Officer at WSFS Bank in Wilmington, visited both sections of Mrs. Wallace’s Business Management classes in September. Mrs. Wallace worked under the supervision of Mr. McCormick during her tenure at WSFS Bank in the Small Business Department, prior to pursuing her teaching career at Padua Academy.


In her synopsis of the visit, Camryn Harris ’17 writes, “According to Mr. McCormick, managing is a people job. You must set goals and have effective communication. Within a team there are different dynamics and roles that need to be discussed and communicated to everyone.” It is advice and real-life management experiences such as this that help inspire, motivate, and educate the young women in Mrs. Wallace’s class to pursue college degrees in Business and take what they’ve learned into the workforce.


When asked how to be an effective manager when dealing with difficult employees, Mr. McCormick said to the class that “a manager will help their employees and delegate and empower them to do what they need to do, but [ultimately] it’s their decision whether they fulfill their duties or not.” Many of the students in the class remarked that it was very helpful to learn about management directly from a Senior Credit Officer at a financial organization. It is Mrs. Wallace’s hope that they take what they learned from Mr. McCormick and in class and begin to apply it to leadership roles they currently have such as school activities, sports, jobs outside of school, and as they begin to apply for college.


Mr. McCormick was warm, friendly, and presented the materials to Mrs. Wallace’s class in a cohesive and interesting manner. She will have more presenters from financial and legal institutions from the state of Delaware to continue to enhance her lessons for her business and economic students. Hopefully they bring donuts like Mr. McCormick did!

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