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160 Delegates Attend Model United Nations Conference at Padua

Padua Model UN

Congratulations to Padua’s Model UN Team for successfully hosting the 12th annual Padua Model United Nations Conference on Saturday, March 29!¬† 160 delegates from 14 regional schools, from as far away as Alexandria, VA, met at Padua to collaborate and debate real world problems including the situations in Palestine, Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Ukraine, as well as the issues of blood diamonds, human trafficking, and the global water, sanitation, and sustainable energy crises. Padua graduates Kelly Reeder and Jenna Byers returned to chair the conference and were joined by Sallies grads Bob McGurk, Rich Remedio, and Tom Schrandt. Padua Secretaries General Chloe Mortenson and Kelly Maurer gave opening and closing speeches and served as rapporteurs for the Security Council and General Assembly, along with Alexia Nebrao and Sydney Brannen, who also helped in organizing the event. ¬†Demonstrating true Padua spirit, Padua delegates Emily Baker, Sophia Elliott, Judith Lynch, Shirley Jia, Perry Martin, Shelby Mitchell, Maddie Russell, Maya Shenoy, Taylor Witte, Tina Zheng, and Julie Zhu guided debate, softly but strongly. Sophia Elliott and Taylor Witte were awarded Honorable Mention for their work. Maya Shenoy and Shirly Jia helped write the resolution to address human trafficking that passed in the General Assembly. The conference was a wonderful experience for everyone as we worked together to solve some of the most pressing issues in our world.

– Submitted by Chloe Mortenson, Photos by Alexia Nebrao

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